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#BusinessBobcat Media Roundup - March 31

Monday, April 4 2016 12:00am

Find out what College of Business professors are saying in the media this week.

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The Center for Entrepreneurship is assisting students participating in the Logan-Hocking Young Entrepreneurs Academy. Read more about the program.

Robert Boland, director of the masters of sports administration program, comments on the NFL acknowledging a link between football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). See what he had to say.

Marketing Day at Ohio University featured alumni John Gainor, President and CEO Dairy Queen. Read some of the highlights.

Heather Lawrence, associate professor of sports administration comments on a survey of college athletic directors conducted by the Ohio University Center for Sports Administration and AECOM. Read what she said about the results.

Masters of Sports Administration alumni Chris Park discusses how playing college football prepared him for the physical demands of being a professional wrestler. Here what he had to say.

David Ridpath is not a fan of tying academic success of college athletes to coaching bonuses because he says it’s not an accurate way to assess how much coaches care about the academic success of their players. Read more about it here.