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#BusinessBobcat Media Roundup - March 6

Sunday, March 6 2016 12:00am

Find out what College of Business professors are saying in the media this week.

Alexa Fox, assistant professor of marketing comments on why Macy’s has changed their discounting tactics when it comes to coupons. Learn more.

Amy Taylor-Bianco, associate professor of management and executive academic director for the Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership discusses the significance of National Employee Appreciation Day. Find out why it’s important.

A study suggests that college athletes are more likely to find employment and be engaged at work. David Ridpath, associate professor, sports administration, says more research is needed. Find out why.

Ridpath takes a look at why Chuck Smrt was hired by the University of Louisville to help with their alleged NCAA violations. Find out what he brings to the table.

Heather Lawrence, associate professor of sports administration comments on a survey of college athletic directors by Ohio University and AECOM. See the results.