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Cans Around Copeland: 11 COB student orgs donated food to local pantry

Monday, November 19 2018 02:30pm

Cans Around Copeland participants collected much needed food donations for the Baker Center Food Pantry.

By Meghan Morris

The second annual Cans Around Copeland food drive recently inspired friendly competition among several College of Business student organizations.

The College of Business food drive ran from Oct. 29 to Nov. 9 and resulted in hundreds of donations for the Baker Center Food Pantry. Student organizations competed against each other to see which of them could donate the most food. Everything from meat to vegetables to grains were collected.

“It’s very important to give back to the community,” said Morgan Parker, organizer of Cans Around Copeland and vice president of philanthropy for Select Leaders. “I’m overjoyed with the amount of participation I received from student organizations. They showed a lot of effort and generosity.”

The community service tradition began in 2017 when the President’s Advisory Council (PAC), which consists of all of the COB student organization presidents, decided that a food drive would fit well into some programming meant to celebrate President Nellis’s inauguration.

This year, in the hopes of getting more valuable food donations, a new point system was implemented by Parker. Each donation was evaluated based on substance and monetary value. For example, whole grain cereal would receive more points than ramen noodles.

The 11 student organizations that participated in the contest donated food with a collective value of 3,637 points. Student Fixed Income Management Group, last year’s Cans Around Copeland runner up, received bragging rights. They had the highest total points at 1,590 as well as the highest number of points per member, which came to 66 points per student.

A pizza party with College of Business Dean Sherman celebrated the winners on Nov. 15. However, it’s clear that all that mattered to these Business Bobcats was supporting their peers.

“Twenty-nine percent of OHIO undergraduates are food insecure,” Parker said. “We’re connected because we all go to this college, and we need to help each other.”

Those who missed the food drive, but would still like to contribute to the Baker Center Food Pantry can donate online. Alumni and friends are especially encouraged to support the pantry on “Giving Tuesday” which takes place on November 27.