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Career Tips for Business Bobcat Alumni

Wednesday, May 3 2017 12:00am

How to prepare for your post-college career transition

At the time of graduation, it’s common to feel a mix of emotions – everything from excitement to worry about what to expect and how to land your first job.

The Office of Career Management is here to help. Stop by Copeland Hall 214 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or schedule an appointment with your career coach to search for jobs that are right for you or prepare for an upcoming interview. Your career coach is also available during the summer to assist you with your career or internship planning.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you jumpstart your career journey:

Jennifer Murphy                                                                                                                                      Assistant Dean of Career Management & Student Success  

1. Actively network with #BusinessBobcat alumni.

Once a Business Bobcat, always a Business Bobcat. Our passionate  alumni network is one of the most beneficial career resources for students. I encourage you to set up informational interviews with alumni who are currently working in your field of interest. Taking this initiative will make a solid impression and give you exclusive insight into the industry.

During an informational interview, ask questions about topics such as job responsibilities, opportunities for growth within the company, and the corporate culture. This will prepare you to make informed decisions throughout your career path and, ultimately, help you choose the right opportunities for you.

2. Get as much face time as you can.

 Do you know which city you want to work in? Start networking with professionals in that region by attending events or joining a young professionals group. Making an effort to connect with employees at local companies can go a long way.

You can start by sending a thoughtful email or offering to grab a cup of coffee. Don’t fear stepping outside of you comfort zone and meeting face-to-face with potential employers or coworkers. If you keep in touch with them, they may reach out when a job that is a perfect fit for you opens up. You never know who might open the door to your next opportunity.

Dr. Heather Lawrence-Benedict                                                                                                          Associate Professor of Sports Administration & Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

1. Think about the position you want to be in professionally within the next five to ten years and review related job descriptions to focus on gaining those skills.

Seek out entry-level jobs that will put you on the path to being confident and prepared when you are ready to find your dream job.

2. Utilize and showcase the professional experience that you have gained during your time as a Business Bobcat.

Activate the skills and abilities you have acquired, be coachable right out of the gate, and enjoy the process. It is an exciting time in your life!

Even after you’ve landed your first job, the work isn’t done! Remember that the first month on the job is just as important.

What to do in your first month on the job:

  1. Be a great listener
  2. Show initiative
  3. Be a “yes” person
  4. Take on additional tasks
  5. Focus on strong communication
  6. Email thoughtful messages to your supervisors to keep the communication lines open and not just approaching them with problems