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COB Commitment to Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion

Tuesday, June 2 2020 02:00pm

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff:

One week ago, our country was shocked and saddened by a form of violence that has shaken our community to its core. For some, this form of violence and grieving is not new, dating back several generations and decades. For others, this last week has been an eye-opening experience. Through it all, the College of Business (COB) community continues to be dedicated to assist, support, and listen to you.

Recently, you may have received a message from various Ohio University diversity officers specifying the University’s commitment to social justice. The COB is supportive of the University’s position on social justice and we encourage all business students, alumni, staff, and faculty to use their voice in a productive manner. Additionally, we are committed to providing and supporting an academic community that supports social justice in all forms including equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal treatment for all.

We would also like to reiterate that various trained and certified university staff and administrators are here to support you via the many different University multicultural centers, counseling departments, and community offices. Support can also be found within the college by our own diversity officer (Sly Mata, Assistant Director of Diversity & Inclusion) who may be able to direct or connect you to various resources within the University and broader communities.

During these challenging times, we are here to support each other.


Sly Mata
Assistant Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Jen Murphy
Assistant Dean, Career and Student Success

Andy Fodor
Department Chair, Finance

Ashley Metcalf
Department Chair, Management

Katherine Hartman
Department Chair, Marketing

Gabe Giordano
Department Chair, Analytics & Information Systems

Jim Strode
Department Chair, Sports Administration

David Stott
Director, Accountancy

Jim Kahler
Executive Director, AECOM Center for Sports Administration

Jacob Hiler
Director, Consumer Research & Analytics Center

Tim Reynolds
Executive Director, Walter Center for Strategic Leadership

Adam Rapp
Executive Director, Schey Sales Centre

Paul Mass
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Colin Gabler
Director, Center for International Business (CIBED)

Heather Lawrence
Associate Dean

John Day
Associate Dean

Luke Pittaway
Associate Dean

Phil Taylor
Chief Operating Officer

Hugh Sherman
Dean, College of Business