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College of Business expert available for National Superhero Day

Thursday, April 14 2016 12:00am

ATHENS, Ohio (Apr. 20, 2016) – With National Superhero Day nearly a week away, we know you’re looking for timely, relevant, and engaging content—and so are your readership and social media followers.

Adam Rapp (2)Earlier this year, Adam Rapp, executive director of the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre at OHIO’s College of Business and avid comic book reader, published “Sales leadership icons and models: How comic book superheroes would make great sales leaders”. In the paper, he identifies the top ten leadership characteristics and links them to superheroes. Superman exemplified empathy, Wonder Woman signified transparency, Iron Man stood for innovation and continuous improvement, and so forth.

Rapp is available to discuss his research, offer tips on incorporating superhero storytelling into leadership content, and provide insight on sales and leadership techniques.

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Brianna Wilson, marketing communications specialist, Ohio University’s College of Business at or 740-593-9372