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College of Business hosts Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana

Monday, November 30 2015 12:00am

Colleges of Businesses around the world aim to embrace a global business perspective, but not all can deliver as effectively as Ohio University’s College of Business. During a visit to Ohio University, the Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana David John Newman met with College of Business faculty, staff, and students.

Ambassador Newman met with College faculty and staff during his visit, including lunch with College of Business Dean Hugh Sherman, faculty members Ed Yost, Thom Luce, Luke Pittaway, Chris Yost, and staff and native Motswana Beatrice Selotlegeng attended, as well as three College of Business Honors’ students who traveled to Botswana for a Global Consulting Program in 2014. Students Christie Boening, Kevin Hill, and Tatjana Saunders reflected on their travels and the impact of their global experience while dining with Newman and his attaché, Master Barongwa Baipidi.

“During my time in Botswana, I was exposed to a new culture and way of doing business; it completely changed my perspective on business in a global context,” said Boening. “It was an honor to meet the ambassador and his attaché and reflect again on the culture and diversity Botswana has to offer."

Botswana“The College is committed to providing a global education, and are honored that the Ambassador of Botswana wanted to spend time with us during his visit,” said College of Business Dean Hugh Sherman. “The College hopes to continue the relationship and provide life-changing cultural experiences to other students.”

The Global Consulting Program at Ohio University’s College of Business prepares students for today’s global business environment. During the program, students work to provide solutions to complex problems with global businesses. The program is supported through the OHIO’s College of Business and Center for International Business.