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Collegiate Leadership Challenge 2019

Wednesday, April 24 2019 12:30pm

Earlier this month, a team of six students represented OHIO and the Walter Center at the Collegiate Leadership Challenge (CLC), where they competed against 11 other Midwestern universities in a series of leadership challenges

Morgan Parker, Alisa Heckscher, Austin Anderson, Brian Hirschl, Laura Wilt, Nader Afyouni, and Sierra Smith earned this opportunity by winning a preliminary competition sponsored by the Center last November.

Leading up to the competition, coaches Kim Jordan and Shawnee Meek led the students through CLC’s 10-week experiential curriculum of learning and preparation activities. These weekly sessions covered topics like ethical leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, effective team building, influencing others, and stressors.

The two-day competition consisted of six 45-minute team challenges, each led by a different team member, and each followed by real-time feedback from CLC judges.


Domino:  Students had a limited time to build a chain of 200 blocks connecting to the teams on either side of them until all teams’ chains were connected.

Leadership Trivia: Students watched clips from the Netflix documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened and identified concepts they learned about prior to the competition.  

Pitch Perfect: Each member composed a 35-second elevator pitch about what they learned at the competition and delivered it to as many judges as they could—within the time limit and without using filler words (e.g., um and like)—to earn as many business cards as possible.

Time Crunch: This timed challenge combined multiple activities, including a 50-piece puzzle, brain teasers, and a card tower, each worth a certain number of points.

Silent strategy: Teams arranged two, then three, then six numbered cards in order without talking or using hand signals.

Pixel project: Teams recreated an image with post it notes with only one teammate at a time allowed to look at the original image.

Overall, according to junior Sierra Smith, “The experience was very challenging but rewarding. I was able to work in stressful conditions and solidify the importance of a positive attitude and active listening.” Kim Jordan and Shawnee Meek also enjoyed their first time taking students to the CLC and are already looking forward to preparing students for next year’s event.

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