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Emerging Leaders Aspire to Be

Tuesday, November 7 2017 12:00am

Learn about the success of the College of Business Emerging Leaders program and how members develop their leadership potential

By: Lauren Krause

Emerging Leaders is a one-year, accelerated development program that encourages current Ohio University College of Business juniors to achieve their potential as leaders and strengthen their interpersonal and professional skill sets. This fall, the Emerging Leaders program welcomed 48 new members, and for the first time created two cohorts.

Here are four key components of the program that prepare students to become future business leaders.   

Leadership Development Course

Being an Emerging Leader requires students to not only be a part of the student organization but to also take a leadership styles and tactics class with an inclusive curriculum. Within the curriculum, students are expected to continuously self-assess themselves both professionally and personally. Through self-assessment, they are provided the opportunity to identify their personal leadership styles and skills while focusing on various areas of improvement. This evaluation leads to the creation of a personal Leadership Development Plan that helps them reflect on their goalsand effectively communicate what they’ve learned.

“I always look forward to going to class to better myself and more importantly, grow my relationships with peers in Emerging Leaders,” said Owen Pence, emerging leader and trip co-leader.

Mentorship Program

Members of Emerging Leaders are continually learning about themselves and their peers in a safe and fun environment. One of the key parts of the development experience is being placed in a mentor/mentee relationship in order to provide opportunities for feedback as they grow personally and professionally.

“These relationships can never be underappreciated,” said Pence. “One of the most important aspects I’ve learned is that becoming a leader solely by one’s self is not always the best approach, rather it’s more beneficial and rewarding to learn from others.”

Executive Engagements & Networking Trips


The growth of their interpersonal skills is put into practice through networking events and opportunities.Members have attended eight executive engagements since the beginning of the fall semester where they interacted and networked with successful professionals. These events encourage members to be curious and consider careers, industries, and locations that they might not have otherwise considered.

In addition to executive engagements, one of the many highlights and an essential part of the program is an annual networking trip. This year, the leaders will be visiting Chicago where they’ll tour several companies in business fields such as Accounting, Finance, IT, Consulting, Marketing, and more.

“Opportunities multiply as you seize them, and this [Chicago Trip] is one of the best opportunities I’ve ever had in my professional career. Visiting some of the most elite companies in the world with such a high caliber group of leaders is truly an honor,” said Emerging Leaders President Taylor Cremeans.

 Community Engagement

While the program is rich with professional opportunities, classroom activity, and constant relationship building, community engagement is one of the most pivotal pillars for Emerging Leaders. The program maintains an ongoing relationship with local charities like Good Works. The group has already completed a food drive benefiting Good Works - Timothy House. Plans are being made for the remainder of the year to benefit other organizations in the Athens community.

This diverse program and exclusive skill set that leaders acquire through service and professional engagement prepares them for leadership positions throughout the university and community. Students can apply what they’ve learned while on campus and gain the experience they need for the future.

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