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Fall 2020 Graduate Q&A: Edward Kunkel

Wednesday, January 20 2021 03:00pm

Finance and business analytics major Edward Kunkel is headed to New York City to work in sales and trading at Bank of America.

Tags: Finance

We sat down (virtually) with Edward to hear about his experience at Ohio University and his post-graduation plans. Read the Q&A below to learn about how he spent his time at OHIO!

What did you study at Ohio University?

I majored in finance and business analytics. I’ve always been interested in financial markets and understanding the different pieces that affect markets. Studying finance allowed me to understand the different working parts of a business and different financial markets, while my business analytics co-major offered a more quantitative side that would boost my credentials.

What organizations were you involved in at Ohio University?

I was president of Ohio University Fixed Income Management Group and vice president of the Financial Management Association. My experience in both organizations was vital to my development and eventually landing my dream job. The Fixed Income Management Group pushed me to my potential both in and out of the classroom, and also connected me with some of my closest friends here. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without either organization.

Did you have any internships? Explain your internship experience(s).

As a freshman, I interned with Quake Capital in venture capital in New York City. As a sophomore, I interned with PNC in asset management in Columbus. As a junior, I interned with Bank of America in sales and trading in New York City, where I actually accepted a full-time job offer.

Working on Wall Street comes with lofty expectations, but I know at every point that I’m surrounded by a team of people that wants me to succeed. The fast-paced, competitive environment suited my skill set greatly and knowing that each day is different on the trading floor really excites me. I’m grateful to have two incredible mentors and a great group of people to work with. I’m also grateful to use my past few internships as learning points for younger students in the Fixed Income Management Group and the College of Business.

What is your favorite memory from being a student in the College of Business?

One of my favorite memories is pulling all-nighters with my investment team in the Fixed Income Management Group to have the most prepared and in-depth investment pitch to present.

What are you most grateful for about your time at OHIO/in the College of Business?

I’m most grateful for the friendships I’ve made in the College of Business and in the Fixed Income Management Group and being pushed to reach my full potential.

Is there a particular course, organization, event, professor, etc. that really impacted you during your time at OHIO?

Every course and professor impacted me in different ways, but professors that really challenged me and made a big impact on my experience here are Dr. Kelley Bergsma, Dr. Sinan Gokkaya, and Dr. David Stowe.

What do you think was your greatest accomplishment as a college student?

My greatest accomplishments are landing a full-time opportunity to work on Wall Street and helping others in my investment group achieve their goals.

What is your favorite thing about Athens/what will you miss the most?

My favorite thing about Athens is the community and overall friendliness of the people. 

What will you be doing after graduation? What are you most looking forward to about starting your career?

I will be in sales and trading at Bank of America in New York, New York. I’m most excited to be surrounded by likeminded people who are ambitious and competitive.

What is one skill or concept you developed in the College of Business that you will apply to your future job and beyond?

The importance of building a strong network is something I will apply to my career and life.

If you could give current or future Ohio University students one piece of advice, what would it be?

Enjoy your time at Ohio University, but make sure you prioritize what it is you want to get out of your experience here. Talk to alumni, find out what interests you, make a plan of action, and work hard to get to your end goal. Expect to make sacrifices and work hard, even if not everyone around you is doing the same.