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Fall semester in review, as told by the MBA Class of 2017

Tuesday, December 20 2016 12:00am

The One-Year MBA cohort reflects on their first semester of classes with the College of Business.

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From biomedical engineering to global studies, the One-Year MBA Class of 2017 brought together 40 students with various undergraduate backgrounds to jump-start their careers with a Master’s of Business Administration. 

What the students learned this semester went far beyond the walls of the College of Business Annex. In September, the graduate students attended iConic in Boston, a one-day conference where they were inspired by some of today’s leading business icons. They also participated in learning journeys to experience what it takes to build a business, and put their knowledge to the test by presenting strategic marketing projects in front of executive teams from Northlich, an independent full-service strategic communication agency, and Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant.

As we reflect on a successful semester, we can’t help but get excited to see what the spring semester holds for our 2017 cohort. Here’s a closer look at what the graduate students had to say about their fall courses:

Strategic Use of Information with Dr. Hao Lou

“Dr. Lou’s class was one of the most forward thinking classes this semester. Until I took this course, I never realized how integrated information systems are in our daily lives and how much of an impact they will have on our future. My technology background made me a little biased towards this course, but Dr. Lou made it more enjoyable by adapting our feedback and using various teaching styles.”

Charles Ebersbacher
Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati

Strategic Marketing and Supply Chain Management with Dr. Katie Hartman

“I loved this class because of its real-world application. It’s one thing to learn about concepts and theories in the classroom, but it’s invaluable to get the opportunity to apply the things we’ve learned for actual clients. Dr. Hartman truly cared about our development and understanding of the information. I loved having her as a professor.”

Katharina Elberti
Undergraduate Degree: Communication, Virginia Tech

Organizational Behavior with Dr. Jason Stoner

“Organizational Behavior was one of the most valuable classes I’ve ever taken! It should be mandatory for all students, regardless of the program they are in. Dr. Stoner presents the material in a way that is easy to apply to your everyday life and future career.”

Ian Ousley
Undergraduate Degree: Nutrition and Health Sciences, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

New Venture Planning with Dr. Luke Pittaway

“Dr. Pittaway’s class was a great mix of classroom curriculum and real-world application. Learning about the different aspects of entrepreneurship and seeing them in action really brought the course material to life.  The culmination of this semester, which was a business model competition, was a great way for us to demonstrate everything we had learned.”

Marshall Payne
Undergraduate Degree: Global Studies, University of California   

Data Analysis for Decision Making with Dr. Ken Cutright

“I think we were all unaware of the full benefits of this class, but after talking to several working professionals we learned that this was one of the most applicable classes they took during their time at OHIO. I am looking forward to utilizing what Dr. Cutright has taught us in the near future.”

Pim Thirati
Undergraduate Degree: Economics and Communication, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Accounting for Executives with Dr. David Kirch

“Going into this course, I was a bit closed-minded since I did not enjoy or understand accounting in undergrad. Dr. Kirch made it very easy to understand, and even enjoyable! Now I see the value this knowledge could bring to me in the future.”

Jamilah Ali
Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration, Bowling Green State University