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Fellowship Recap: Caleb Beasecker (MSA '19)

Tuesday, September 19 2017 12:00am

Caleb Beasecker (MSA '19)

Fellowship Experience:

Store Manager, Hibbett Sporting Goods


I managed the day to day operations of the store. This included shipping and receiving merchandise, creating weekly schedules that met company goals, completing payroll, and communicating changes and goals within the company to my staff. It was also my responsibility to motivate and train my team in a way that best prepared them to assist any and every customer. While with the company, I managed the implementation of a new point of sale system within my store as well.

Practical skills I learned:

How to create a schedule. How to read different business reports and use them to improve the efficiency of my store. How to resolve a conflict between individuals. How to communicate goals and objectives to a team of different personalities. How to adapt to different situations and be prepared to solve unexpected problems.

Intangible skills/experience I gained:

Leadership experience through managing a team. A stronger work ethic as motivated by goals and deadlines. The ability to anticipate a change in the sporting goods industry based on different variables. I also gained valuable experience in the delegating of tasks.

Advice for undergraduates and/or incoming students:

My advice to any undergraduate or incoming student is to give your best effort in what you do. Even if the results are not always what you would like, you can be proud knowing you did everything in your power to succeed.  

I had an amazing time completing my fellowship and gained so much valuable work experience. If you have the opportunity to gain real-world work experience, take advantage of it. This experience will prepare you for your career and preparation is key. Preparation breeds confidence and confidence breeds success.