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First OHIO Online MBA Cohort Graduates

Monday, October 27 2014 12:00am

Usually an adventure is defined as a remarkable experience, perhaps a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, or the emotional adventure that is the passage from youth to maturity.

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For the members of Ohio University’s first online MBA cohort, the adventure was a two-year journey of challenges, triumphs, and ultimately, achievement.   As the inaugural cohort assembled last weekend in Athens, they celebrated the good, the bad, and the pride that comes with being MBA Bobcats.

“Personally, this program was great because you meet all of these wonderful people,” said Emily Halderman, recent graduate.  “I really loved the cohort structure, being able to make new friends and rely on these people that you haven’t even met in person.”

This cohort included students from across the United States, including California, Arizona, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio.  

According to recent graduate Cara Fisher, this diverse group immediately formed friendships after meeting at their first Professional Development Workshop held on campus last spring.

“After the first workshop, many of us kept in touch after having the chance to work on teams together,” explained Fisher. “This team atmosphere throughout the program really helped all of us come together despite being scattered across the country.” 

Beyond building relationships, classmate Matt Watson appreciated the workshops from a professional development perspective.

“We all shared ideas and contacts to help each other with our professional growth,” said Watson. “We had many conversations discussing potential new business opportunities and learning from each other’s personal expertise and experience.”

Emily Halderman also praised the flexible structure of the program, how it allowed her to be successful pursuing an advanced degree while holding a full-time job.

“I had a very long commute to work everyday so the most important advantage for me was that the online class schedule led to minimal costs traveling to a physical class location on a regular basis,” explained Halderman. “Removing the necessity of regular travel to a location was a great advantage for me.”

As the cohort finished up their coursework this fall, it was clear they could not wait until the official graduation in May to make more memories in Athens. 

The group decided to hold an impromptu mock graduation. One last time to roam Court Street, have lunch at Athens’ staples like Broney’s and meet the faculty and staff who played such crucial roles in guiding the students toward their graduate degree.

However, don’t mistake this celebration as their last hurrah.

“This is not our last experience,” explained Fisher. “We are ready to go back each year and plan on staying good friends. We may not always go to Athens but we have already planned on visiting our respective cities for a weekend to meet families and make even more memories.”

According to Fisher, the future of Ohio University’s OMBA program is just as bright.

“I envision the Ohio University OMBA program becoming a renowned program that accepts professionals with character that will continue to enhance an already exceptional reputation and program.”

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