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#FollowFriday: Andrew Dunaway, Macmillan Learning

Tuesday, May 2 2017 12:00am

Get to know #BusinessBobcat alumnus Andrew Dunaway (’03)

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Instagram: @AndrewDunaway

Twitter: @OhioDunaway

What was your major at Ohio University?

I was a marketing major. 

What year did you graduate?

I graduated in 2003.

What company are you currently working for?

Macmillan Learning

What is your job title?

“I am an editorial director for STEM. I lead teams that focus on developing content and product for life science, earth science, mathematics and statistics.”

How long have you been with this company?

“I have been with Macmillan Learning for a year and a half, but have been in the publishing industry for over a decade.”

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

“I get to partner with some of the most intelligent people on the planet to develop learning solutions that have the potential to change lives and provide our learners with the knowledge and ability to make massive impacts on the world in these fields.”

How did you land your first job out of college?

“I got my first job through the help of a colleague and friend at Ohio University. My friend got into the publishing industry and called me up with a job opening that he thought I would be a great fit for. With his recommendation, I applied for the position, went through the interview process, and landed my first job!”

What organizations were you involved in at OHIO?

“I played for the club soccer team at OHIO and was an active member of the American Marketing Association.”  

What is your favorite place in Athens, Ohio?

“Although I spent a bulk of my time outside of Copeland at Courtside Pizza, I’d say my favorite part of being in Athens was strolling through College Green. It’s an incredible feeling to walk through the College Gate. It always provided affirmation that Athens and OHIO provided the best possible college life and experience.”

What advice that you would give to a current #BusinessBobcat?

“There were two things I valued most from the College of Business. The first was the hands-on application and real life experiences that the faculty provided. Looking back, whether it was in the cluster or a capstone marketing course, there were always incredible learning opportunities that you knew you could apply in the future. The second would be the network that is present in the College. Don’t overlook your classmates. When you work in team environments during class, be sure to grow those relationships because you never know when those will pay off.”