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Four faculty and staff members receive honors at Ohio University Women’s Achievement Awards Ceremony

Monday, April 10 2017 12:00am

College of Business faculty and staff members recognized for their dedication and impact

Ohio University annually celebrates and recognizes the professional successes of women in a variety of roles at the Women’s Achievement Dinner. Hosted by the Ohio University Women’s Center and Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc., the awards honor female faculty and staff members on campus and aim to uplift those who work in areas that may go unrecognized as “women’s” work. In March, four College of Business faculty and staff members were nominated by peers and awarded honors for their contributions to the university through their roles within the College. The College congratulates the award winners and their continuous impact through their work. Each award winner shares what their honor means to them through their role.

Above and Beyond Award

This award is intended for women employed by Ohio University who have gone above and beyond in their job descriptions.

Linsey Hugo

“For the past two years, the Office of Career Management team has been in startup mode. As such, there were always little touches and improvements to be made that didn’t fall under anyone’s specific job description. I definitely find myself wanting to help with these unassigned items because of the benefit it provides to students, our office, or employers. It’s the little things that add up over time that really make a difference.” – Linsey Hugo

Linsey Hugo represents the Office of Career Management through her excellent service as the associate director of employer relations. Through her daily efforts, she continuously strives to build and create strong relationships with leading companies, such as PwC, Hyland, and KeyBank, to provide employment and professional development opportunities for students within the College of Business. Her efforts have significantly contributed to 83 percent of graduating College of Business seniors receiving full-time job assignments at their time of graduation and 90 percent, only three months after graduation. Linsey consistently aims to enhance recruitment opportunities and events for employers to put Ohio University students at the forefront of employer hiring processes. Her passion for advancement and willingness to collaborate with others has had a significant impact on faculty, staff, and students within the College.

Lasting Action Award

This award is intended for women who have taken sustainable action to improve the quality of life for women at Ohio University.

Beatrice Selotlegeng

“This is not just a one-time award, it is a continuous experience. It means that whatever I do on a day to day basis is having an empowering impact on others particularly women within the College. It is not something I stop to think about, it’s just who I am. Therefore, to be recognized for that is extremely special and humbling.” – Beatrice Selotlegeng

Beatrice Selotlegeng directed the Junior Executive Business Program from 2008 – 2016. This is an eight-day program geared towards multicultural high school students that have expressed an interest in a business major. She  also serves as an academic advisor in the Office of Student Services. Since 2006, Beatrice has continuously impacted the College through her dedication and support to students, faculty and staff alike. Her positive energy and willingness to uplift others has helped to create a welcoming culture within the College and advance diversity efforts.

Outstanding Female Mentor

This award includes mentoring that occurs in a structured or official capacity.

Jennifer Murphy

“Everyone on my staff needs something different in a mentor. I strive to build a trusting relationship with every single person on my team and understand how they work, and how they tick, and what gets them excited about their work and their balance in their life. As a mentor, I’m invested in them, invested in making them feel connected to their job, and connected to their team.” –Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy serves as a leader within the College of Business as the assistant dean for career management and student success. During her time within the College, she has restructured the Office of Career Management and built a strong academic advising team to improve students’ academic and career journeys. Jennifer has also worked to streamline processes and experiences for students in every phase of the Business Bobcat lifecycle from prospective students to passionate alumni. Her passion for student success and growth is evident through her leadership strategies and ability to motivate those around her. Through overseeing the office and managing a large team, Jennifer serves as a dynamic mentor to her staff both personally and professionally. She has taken the initiative to get to know everyone individually and tailor her leadership styles accordingly.

Breaking Barriers Award

This award is intended for women with demonstrated success who are working in male-dominated fields. 

Dr. Heather Lawrence-Benedict

“I do feel a responsibility through my position to work with and mentor the undergraduate women who may be interested in sports administration because that group is so underrepresented and small. Being a sports fan and having a passion for the business of sport are two different things. Keeping women that love the business side of sports invested in pursuing their dreams is important. I feel a responsibility to support and help those women and ove seeing people take-off in their careers.” – Heather Lawrence-Benedict

Dr. Heather Lawrence-Benedict serves the College of Business as the associate dean for graduate programs, an associate professor of sports administration, and Robert H. Freeman professor in business. She has made a significant impact in the graduate programs landscape with the College through her current role within the #1 ranked Master of Sports Administration program. Prior to her academic career, Heather worked in intercollegiate athletics at Southeastern University and University of Florida. She now enjoys teaching domestically and internationally within the areas of facilities and event management as well as diversity and sport. Heather has had a significant impact on her students and motivates others to pursue their goals within the sports industry. Her energy, ability to lead, and strong reputation in athletics has made her a go-to resource for guidance among faculty and students alike.

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