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From Walter Center: Frank Zammataro Awarded Center's First Leadership Legacy Award

Monday, October 21 2019 01:10pm

“Anytime people step up to the plate to say things like that about you it’s wonderful,” were the only words Frank Zamattaro could sum up after being awarded the Select Leaders Robert D. Walter Leadership Legacy Award. “You don’t know how to react, but there’s only one way to react,” he said with a smile. 

Mr. Frank Zammataro is retired from thirty years in the retainer-based, executive recruiting industry.  Prior to the formation of the Zammataro Company in 1983, he was the Regional Vice President for Kearney Executive Search.  He was also the Director of Human Resources for the Mead Corporation, as well as serving as the Assistant to the Director of Admissions at Ohio University.

A member of the Ohio University College of Business Executive Advisory Board since 1994, Mr. Zammataro holds “Life Member” status.  He helped organize and direct the Ohio University Business Fellows, a mentoring and leadership development program that has evolved into the Select Leadership Program – one of the College’s most prestigious student organizations. 



Humble as always, Zamattaro deflected praise for his award, insisting that the award was not for him, but rather a reflection of how far Select Leaders has come. 

“The best part about this was that it wasn’t so much about me, but more of a vindication of what we try to do, and what young people in this organization will accomplish,” he said. 

In addition to his work experience, Frank and his wife, Beverly, who also graduated from Ohio, founded the Elder Board of Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio. From its inception, the congregation has grown from forty people to over six-thousand. 

I hope young people in the [Select Leaders] program right now are able to see the power of networking,” Zammataro said. “I’m still networking to grow my church right now, 56 years after I graduated.” 

The most rewarding thing for Zammataro isn’t being the first recipient of the Select Leaders Robert D. Walter leadership legacy award, but rather the relationships he’s built with everyone in the Select Leaders program. 

“I can honestly say there isn’t one person in this group that I wouldn’t run through a brick wall for.”