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From Walter Center: Management Professor Andrew Pueschel Makes a Difference

Monday, September 16 2019 01:10pm

The Walter Center for Strategic Leadership has developed an unmatched leadership resource for many students in the College of Business. That would not be possible, however, without the incredible faculty who are the foundation of the center’s success. One of the many faculty members actively making a difference is Dr. Andrew Pueschel. 

Dr. Pueschel has been a part of the Walter Center for four years. He started his journey at Ohio University in the Fall of 2016, where he taught BA 1100 and Management in the Integrated Business Cluster. He has worked on signature events for the Walter Center, which include the Robert Foehl Ethics Case Competition, the Strategic Leadership Challenge, the Etiquette Dinner and the ECO Challenge. 

He is also the Director of the Emerging Leaders Program, which is an organization supported by the Walter Center that focuses on leadership development for students in the College of Business.

“There is nothing more rewarding to me than to see the growth in the leadership development of my students,” Pueschel says. “It doesn't manifest itself in cockiness or overconfidence, it comes to life in the ways they make Ohio University a better place. Emerging Leaders is an opportunity for future leaders to explore the positive transformation that happens when creativity, passion, and self-discovery impact themselves, organizations, and communities in which they serve.”

Pueschel says the way faculty and staff are able to work together to create opportunities for students to reach a higher level in their leadership abilities is his favorite part about being a faculty member for the Walter Center. He also thinks that the Walter Center has a huge impact for students within the College of Business, specifically by focusing on the individual needs of each student. 

“Through faculty, staff and student collaborations, the center is able to create and launch content that immediately impacts the lives of our students; preparing them for continued future success as leaders and professionals,” Pueschel added. 

Dr. Pueschel, as well as other Walter Center faculty, have also collaborated together to conduct and publish research that has enhanced the way the business college operates. The research has mainly focused on engagement within the classroom. 

“If we can create successful management students, then we hope that we can then create successful and impactful managers once they leave Ohio University,” he states.  

Dr. Pueschel thanks the Walter Center for supporting him in both his professional and personal development and attributes much of his success to the outlets the Walter Center has provided him.  

“Through growth opportunities highlighted by expanded responsibility, and through monetary support of certifications and enhanced educational experience, the Walter Center has been the core of my continued success in the College of Business,” he says.  

Dr. Andrew Pueschel also won a best paper award at the Academy of Management Conference in Boston this August for the paper titled: "Is it the person or is it the place? A meta-analytic test of the antecedents of experienced workplace incivility.” The paper was also published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior. You can find some of Dr. Andrew Pueschel’s, and other’s, research and findings on the College of Business website, under his name on the faculty & staff tab.