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Gaining international experience from the comfort of Athens

Wednesday, November 16 2016 12:00am

The Ohio International Consulting Program provides hands-on international business experience for students on campus.

It’s one thing to learn about international business concepts and theories in an academic setting; it’s another thing to put that knowledge into action. In Ohio University’s Center for International Business, the Ohio International Consulting Program (OICP) provides students with an opportunity to work with an international client while staying right here on campus.

The OICP is a partnership between the Center for International Business and Sogeti, a multinational consulting firm that works primarily with technology firms such as Oracle, HP and Microsoft. OHIO business students work directly with Sogeti for 8 to 12 weeks on a consulting project for one of Sogeti’s clients, typically a Fortune 500 company with operations in Ohio. Through the OICP, students are exposed to a variety of business challenges that would be difficult to replicate in the classroom. Completion of the program also earns students six credits towards graduation.

“The OICP gives students the opportunity to work with one of the world’s top IT consulting companies for an entire semester,” said Denver Miller, assistant director of OHIO’s Center for International Business. “It’s the perfect opportunity for students to gain international business experience without the expense of traveling aboard.”

Katelyn Eckel, ‘16, completed OICP her senior year of college. Today, Eckel is working for Sogeti and attributes much of her success to the time she spent working with the company through the OICP.

“My experience with the OICP was amazing and helped me score this wonderful job,” said Eckel. “OICP allows the Sogeti advisors to really see what students have to offer. This is something a 30-minute interview can’t always do,” said Eckel.

Each team is comprised of students from the Athens Campus and can often reflect different nationalities and backgrounds, allowing students to gain a sense of working on diverse teams within a multinational corporation.

“In an increasingly globalized world, it is important for young professionals to gain familiarity with culturally diverse work groups,” said Miller. “That’s why we build this right into our program structure.”

Eckel, along with nearly 150 other OICP alumni, realized the importance of having this valuable experience to prepare for a career after graduation.

“I highly recommend OICP to anyone who wants to graduate college and not worry about what they are going to do next. OICP is a wonderful experience and employers love to see it on your resume,” said Eckel.

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