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Honors Community Involvement

Friday, March 18 2016 12:00am

Krista Kuhlman is an Honors Program senior majoring in Business Analytics and Marketing. She is also passionate about and heavily involved in community service, especially in areas concerning children and education. We recently had opportunity to talk with Krista about her time spent volunteering in Haiti, and how that has affected her personal growth and outlook.

Kuhlman1What was the organization you worked with and what is the main area of operation?

I worked with Back2Back and Jesus in Haiti Ministries. The main area of operation for these two organizations is orphan care.

What type of projects did you work on while in Haiti?

I have been to Haiti three times. The first time I went I did roofing on houses and paved concrete in the school houses. On my second trip, I painted the orphanage's rooms and built personal cubbies for the 10 children living in the home. On my third trip, I really just dedicated my time to being immersed in the culture of Haiti and lived in the orphanage for the week and cared for the children.

What was your favorite/least favorite aspect of this experience?

My favorite aspect of this experience is how much it changed me as a person. After my first trip in 2013, I believe I have become more religious in my daily life and more grateful for all of my blessings and being born in America and into a great family. I also love the relationships I formed in Haiti and how much the people I met there changed my entire life. My least favorite aspect is wrapping my head around how difficult third world countries are to fix when it seems like it should be so easy.

What was the process that led to this experience?

I was asked by a friend in 2013 to go to Haiti on my first trip. He knew that I had a passion for caring for underprivileged children (I student taught at an inner-city school in high school) and he thought I would be perfect for a mission trip to Haiti. After that, I have just had a yearning and desire to go back every year since because of how much it touched my heart.

What were some exciting moments that occurred during your time in Haiti?

Some of the most exciting moments in Haiti have been being able to sponsor a child in the orphanage I connected with so much on my first trip. I also have been able to talk some of the kids to the beautiful beaches in Haiti every year I go, which is really fun and exciting since they do not usually get that opportunity. I also love coming back from my trips and spreading my stories about Haiti and encouraging and inspiring others to give their time to people in need, whether that is in a third world country, or just at their local homeless shelter.

What’s next for Krista?

She has recently accepted a fulltime employment offer from the J.M. Smucker Company in their marketing department.