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Honors International Spotlight: Spain

Friday, March 18 2016 12:00am

Sprunk2Autumn Sprunk, an International Business and Marketing major, is a junior in the Honors Program. She recently spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain at the Instituto Químico de Sarria where she took classes focused on international business and marketing. She rented a flat with three graduate students from South America, making the primary language in her apartment Spanish. After asking if she experienced any culture shock, Autumn laughed, saying that upon arriving in Spain “I got lost within 30 minutes of getting off the bus while trying to find my hostel.” She explained how different the culture is in Spain, mentioning that it was odd to eat dinner at 9pm. She also explained that the daily life schedule is later than the US. “Your day may start at 10, but you could be having dinner till midnight.”

She also had the fantastic opportunity to spend Easter in Italy, describing her spring break as “3 girls, 3 countries, 8 cities, in 10 days.” She highlighted her experience in Vatican City where she received a St. Christopher (patron saint of travelers) pendant as gift from a nun.Sprunk1

The conversation got more serious when she was asked what she gained from the experience. She commented, “I’ve been an International Business major since freshman year, but going there and seeing it as a real life and getting to meet people and seeing it from a different perspective than what I had experienced in my classes at Ohio University, I started to look at the world a little bit differently.”

Autumn described the trip as a sort of affirmation that she is on the right path. She explained, “It gives you a lot of time when you’re over there to look at who you are and what you’re doing, and I felt stronger in my personal values. Then bringing that back, I changed the way I invested my time at OU to better myself as a person.” Her experience is its own affirmation that studying abroad changes a student for the better.