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Honors Internship Spotlight

Friday, March 18 2016 12:00am

Dudas1Jared Dudas is a senior, majoring in Sport Management. He is also an Account Manager for the Schey Sales Center, a Student Ambassador for the College of Business, and the Vice President of Leadership and Professional Development of the Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity.

Recently, Jared had the opportunity to work as a Premium Sales and Service Intern with the Dallas Cowboys football team. On the job, he gathered knowledge of the Cowboy’s sales process; managed prospect suites used for stadium events, and managed sideline passes used for client entertainers.

This experience arose from a connection with Louie Iglesia, one of the Department of Sports Administration faculty. Iglesias spent several years working at AT&T Stadium. He approached Jared to continue the tradition of having an Ohio University student in an internship role there every semester since 2011. After a lengthy phone interview process, and an interview in Dallas, Jared was offered the job.

Jared describes the opportunity to work for such a high profile area in such a high profile industry as invaluable. In his own words, “The Cowboys are a world-class organization and the experience was life changing.”

After his great work with their organization during the internship, the Cowboys have extended a full time job offer to Jared.