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How the College is expanding its student success initiatives

Monday, July 25 2016 12:00am

Last year, the College of Business celebrated several milestones when it came to student success—but there’s more to come.

By Brianna Wilson

Last year, the College of Business celebrated several milestones when it came to student success. We redesigned two required career courses to facilitate career exploration and involvement, met with every College junior to make sure they had a summer internship and were on track to graduate in four years, significantly increased employer engagements and workshop attendance, and collected post-graduate data to understand where students land after they finish the program.

“We’re receiving a lot of great feedback—and we’re lucky to have so many touch points to ensure students are on the right track,” said Jennifer Murphy, who leads student success initiatives.  

But we’re not stopping there. Murphy was recently promoted to assistant dean of career management and student success to better serve students. In her new role, Murphy—and her team, whom she lends credit for last year’s success—will focus on a few main initiatives:

Expanding diversity and inclusion efforts

“We’re expanding support for underrepresented business students--whether that means students of color, women, LGBT populations, first-generation, or international students,” said Murphy.

How exactly? We are intentionally building a strategic plan to better support each of these underrepresented populations.

“We want everyone to feel supported not only by our faculty and staff, but also by each other,” Murphy added. “We are eager to roll out the programming initiatives for the upcoming academic year.”

Increasing support for graduate students

We’re upping the College’s career coach ante. By adding a graduate career coach, the Office of Career Management will be able to serve more than 1,000 additional students.

“Dean Sherman recognizes the need for career management guidance in our graduate populations,” explained Murphy. “They have unique career needs, and we will now be able to support those needs.”

For example, some graduate students might need to know how to position themselves for an entry-level job, while others are positioning themselves for a promotion.

“The new coach will build relationships with graduate students, help them understand career management goals, and support them through the entire process—which is exciting,” said Murphy.

Alumni and employer engagement

Today employers are hiring students based on specific competencies, like communication, teamwork, leadership, professionalism, career management, and information technology application. To best prepare students for the hiring landscape, Murphy and her team will focus on one key competency each month.

“We’ll partner with employers and alumni to teach students more about these competencies,” said Murphy. “It’s a win-win, because it allows students to develop key skills and engage with alumni in a safe setting, while also deepening our partnership with employers.”

More about the Office of Career Management

The Office of Career Management, or OCM aims to prepare students for success by allowing them to actively engage in career management.

Students have their own dedicated career coach to help them plan their internship and job search.

“There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm on the second floor, and we can’t wait for students to come back to campus so we can help them plan their next career steps,” said Murphy.

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