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International Study Program Trip to London

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This summer, students from Ohio University’s part-time MBA programs traveled to London, England to participate in a global experience during the International Study Program (ISP). Students explored business abroad, enhancing the program’s curriculum by highlighting business issues and practices in an international context.London Trip 1

“This trip was a life-changing experience for me and would encourage other students to consider attending an ISP trip in the future,” said Michelle Fox, current student. “I learned so much about UK entrepreneurship, global leadership practices, business etiquette, history, foreign policy, and met many incredible internationally-successful professionals along the way.”

The trip was led by Dr. Luke Pittaway, professor and director of the College’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Dr. Pittaway, a native of England, immersed students in the culture, history, and industry of London.London Trip 2

“We wanted to balance the academic and cultural experiences so that students received the most value from this experience,” said Dr. Pittaway. “London is a dynamic, vibrant city and the financial capital of Europe and a great representation of business in the global context for students.”

Students met Ohio University alumni, visited companies, and toured government agencies.

“I enjoyed spending time with the other students who were in my program. Each day of our trip was a unique, dynamic, and a tremendous new experience,” said Fox. “We visited every landmark in London that I wanted to see and had the flexibility to take the train to Paris for a day with another student to experience all of the incredible sites there. Dr. Pittaway even went the extra-mile the day after our trip over to make sure that we were all home safely and adjusting back in.”