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Let "Super Lawyer" Harry Greenfield Tell You How to Plan for Your Financial Future

Wednesday, February 4 2015 01:00pm

Harry Greenfield will tell you: he wasn’t an academic all-star during his undergraduate career at Ohio University.

Graduating from Ohio University's College of Business in 1967, Greenfield earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, but it wasn’t an easy go.

“I didn’t know how to study,” he said with a shrug. “I had to learn how to learn and I didn’t do that until law Greenfield Harry W 07735D84 Dede 416B 9960 B2e041d3bd75school.”

Following his mediocre performance in undergrad, Harry went on to graduate cum laude from Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 1970.  Today, he’s been practicing law for 45 years and teaching bankruptcy law at Cleveland State University.  At Ohio University’s College of Business, Greenfield is teaching what he calls, “Alternative Careers for Accountants.”

“I want to help accounting students see what things they could do right out of college if they open their eyes to the opportunities,” he said. “I fell into what I’m doing like a duck into water. I’m not on a tenure track, I am doing this because I want to help students to see all the possibilities.”

Greenfield is animated when talking about his interactions with students. Actually, he’s always animated, but it’s clear that he likes teaching and wants to help current students achieve success. Named to the Top 50 Lawyers list in Cleveland, dubbed a “Super Lawyer” by a survey of his peers, and recognized for excellence in bankruptcy and restructuring law, Greenfield has devoted his career to business bankruptcy and creditors’ rights.  Another topic he’s passionate about is helping students make smart financial choices so they never face the kind of tough choices he helps clients navigate.

“I tell my students that they’re all smarter than Albert Einstein and they should act like it!”

Greenfield is hosting a discussion about financial literacy, understanding the right ways to use credit, and how to manage student loans on Mon., Feb. 16, 2015 at 7:00 pm in Baker Theatre. The talk is open to all campus and the community and promises to be entertaining and educational.

“Listen, I tell students all the time, NEVER buy food on credit! You pay for your pizza with a credit card and you’re still paying long after the indigestion is gone.”