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Master of Business Administration students learn more than accounting from Dr. Kirch

Wednesday, June 15 2016 12:00am

Dr. Kirch’s lectures inspire students to become honorable professionals

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By Mackenzie O'Dwyer

“We have to respect the sanctity of the classroom,” said Dr. David Kirch, professor of Accounting for Executives. “It is a place where a lot of learning takes place, and I strongly believe, as professors, we have the responsibility to teach more than just the technical stuff.”

Accounting with Dr. Kirch is far from your average accounting class. Dr. Kirch views his lectures as an opportunity to prepare his students to become successful professionals. That’s why he incorporates life lessons, stories, and daily professional tips into his accounting course.  

“I attempt to live the life I preach,” he said. Recognizing his students’ potential, Dr. Kirch also hopes his lectures will inspire his students to make a positive impact in the world; that they will “proceed with honor.” Dr. Kirch expanded on the meaning of this phrase during his commencement speech at the One-Year MBA class of 2016 graduation ceremony.

It is safe to say Dr. Kirch has inspired many of his students, and the feeling is mutual. Dr. Kirch is also inspired in the classroom.

“The epiphanies,” said Dr. Kirch. “That’s my favorite part about working with students. When their eyes light up, and I can see something happening. That’s the moment I know they truly understand what I’m are teaching, and I know they will make a difference in the future.”

Here is what the MBA class of 2016 had to say about Dr. Kirch:

“Dr. Kirch is a phenomenal professor. His teaching style helped me to learn a subject that I’ve struggled with in the past. He also taught us more than just accounting. He taught us moral and ethical lessons, as well as practical tips for adulthood.” – Anthony Bacho, ’16 MBA

“I think many students would say Dr. Kirch had a positive influence on their education. I remember on the first day of class he jokingly said, ‘if you want a friend, get a dog.’ I didn’t know what to expect! But, by the end of the semester, he was one of the most personable and relatable professors I’ve ever had. The way he structured his accounting course allowed me to get the most out of it.” – Jessi Cox-Wallace, ’16 MBA   

“Dr. Kirch is an amazing professor. He went beyond teaching accounting and taught us life lessons. Everything about his course was well thought out.” – Daniel Krajcik, ’17 MBA/DO

“In Dr. Kirch’s class, I learned more about accounting than I ever thought I could – it’s not my forte. Dr. Kirch always found a way to incorporate life lessons into his lectures. That is something I will always remember.” – Grant Canning, ’17 MBA/MSA

“Dr. Kirch is great at teaching us the hard skills, but there was always a portion of the class that was dedicated to the soft skills. He taught us how to be professional and be a good individual. I learned many life lessons in this class.” – Francesco Marini, ’17 MBA/MSA

“In terms of educational and personal growth, Dr. Kirch would certainly be at the top of my list. I sat in his accounting course the first week of class and wondered what I was getting myself into. It is because of Dr. Kirch’s teaching that I can proudly say I comprehend accounting. From him, I realized that we can learn any subject if both the professor and student are invested. This lesson will stick with me throughout my career.” – Kelley Johnson, ’17 MBA/MSA