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Master of Science in Management student speaks to benefits of being in a supportive, connected program

Monday, April 26 2021 02:00pm

The Master of Science in Management offers a customizable curriculum and flexibility to give students a truly unique experience.

By Bri Schoepf

Jacob Hain was looking for a master’s degree that would help him develop leadership skills while also providing flexibility so he could work while he earned his degree. He knew he had found the right program when he came across the Master of Science in Management (MSM) in Ohio University’s College of Business.

“I wanted to specialize in leadership practices that will help me become an entrepreneur,” Hain said. “This program provides students with flexibility in scheduling, customization, and pace. It offers both part- and full-time tracks, giving students excellent opportunities and enough time to work on their coursework, while simultaneously working, raising a family, or enjoying their personal and social lives.”

The Online Master of Science in Management program equips students with the leadership and analytical skills needed to manage resources, lead teams, and apply solutions to unique challenges. Students first take courses in the Management and Leadership Certificate, and then customize their plan with two additional certificates based on their individual interests and goals.

Once those are completed, they will finish the program with a capstone experience. During this experience, students draw on their individual leadership coaching plans as they take coursework around leadership, culture, and change, and they also work on a strategic leadership capstone project that is the culmination of their learning in the program.

Hain explained that the coursework for the initial, required Management and Leadership Certificate consists of articles, readings, and assignments that are often relevant, straightforward, and intriguing. Faculty members encourage students to parallel the information and focus on how it can help benefit them in their specific occupation. 

“The professors are fantastic and will help you with anything you need. They are super open and will listen to you. They are there to ensure you are successful,” Hain explained. “The students also usually keep in contact with each other via text, email, and Microsoft Teams. We are a pretty close-knit group, which is especially great when assignments are due and we need to double-check ourselves.”

Hain, from Ashland, Kentucky, attended OHIO’s Southern campus from 2017 to 2019, where he earned his associate’s degree in applied business. He then transferred to the Athens campus in the fall of 2019 and graduated in August 2020 with his Bachelor of Specialized Studies, concentrating in entrepreneurship and recreation. Shortly after earning his undergraduate degree, he decided to pursue the MSM at OHIO.

In addition to being a student in the program, Hain also serves as the executive president for the MSM board. The board consists of a group of students who serve as ambassadors that not only work to promote the program, but to help formulate the internal structure with the MSM and College of Business. Board members are constantly connecting with potential students who want to learn more about the program and work to market the MSM alongside program director Dr. Amy Taylor-Bianco, who created this program with the students.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be accepted into this program, let alone serve on our board to help others,” Hain said. “I cannot express how fortunate I am to be given this chance to be a student in the MSM program, while also helping shape it as it is still brand new. It is truly an honor to help others, our program, and the College of Business here at Ohio University.”

Taylor-Bianco has worked with Hain over the past year in his role with the board and is grateful for the support he has provided to her and other faculty in the program.

"Mr. Hainwith his strong work ethic and value-driven desire to help co-create a strong community with the managerial acumen and analytical skills to strategically lead people, manage processes, and identify solutionshallmarks the Master of Science in Management program," Taylor-Bianco said. "I am certain that Jacob will reach and exceed his dreams. Our MSM graduate student leadership board, including Hain, Maria Johnson, Rose Meyers, Owusu Poku, Marius Lancaster, and Rachel Quaigg, are what make our MSM program strong." 

Hain hopes to apply the skills he has developed and the course concepts he has learned throughout this program to pharmacy project management, working closely with others to help manage workflow, keeping track of scheduling or payroll, identifying issues in the workplace, inspiring others to succeed, and continuing to improve and innovate.

Hain is currently working as a certified pharmacy technician at Cardinal Health. After graduating from the MSM program in August 2022, he hopes to pursue a doctorate degree with a concentration in healthcare. He wants to become a pharmaceutical consultant, entrepreneur, manager, and eventually, a professor, allowing him to teach others what he has learned from educational, professional, and life experiences.

“Ohio University’s MSM program is for anyone and for all academic and work backgrounds, not just those in business. There are tons of students who come from all walks of life that are in the MSM, whether it’s medical, sports, computer science, engineering, programming, being a full-time parent, or someone who has been out of school for a while and wants to complete a master’s program for personal reasons,” Hain explained. “I would encourage anyone to look at our program and apply. On top of that, there are countless connections that can aid in your success to a higher elevation. You never know what opportunities could come your way.”