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MBA Bobcat Q&A: Brennon Bastean

Monday, April 9 2018 12:00am

How soul-searching and a passion for analytics led Brennon to the One-Year MBA program

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BbastBy Amanda Byrd

Name: Brennon Bastean

Program: Ohio University's MBA/MSA Dual-Degree 

Class Year: 2019

Undergraduate Institution/Degree: Purdue University, Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose Ohio University's MBA/MSA program?

I chose OHIO's dual-degree program not only for how well-regarded it is in the industry, but because of the sense of community I felt when I interviewed on campus. When I left, I just knew that it was where I wanted to be and something I wanted to be a part of moving forward.

How would you describe your experience in the One-Year MBA program?

It's been solid thus far, the practical experience working on projects has been a positive takeaway that I feel I'll be able to apply in the future.

What was your favorite MBA class and why?

I've enjoyed the analytics courses thus far; the inner nerd in me just finds them really interesting. I've also enjoyed operations management, it's similar to some of my favorite aspects of engineering and just clicks with how my mind works.

Which College of Business mentor/faculty/staff member has had a positive influence on your education?

I think Tammy Reynolds has been really helpful for my personal development. In the moment, I was never totally excited about some of the activities we've done in class, but the self-exploration and refinement has been a really positive experience for me.

What would you tell someone considering Ohio University's One-Year MBA program?

It has a great sense of community, provides you with the opportunity to gain experience working on real-world projects, and forces you to get to know yourself better so you can better apply yourself in the future.

What are your career goals? How did you figure out what you wanted to do?

My career goal is to work in the business analytics department of a professional sports organization, and I took a winding path to get there. I've always loved trying to figure out what to do with numbers, and when engineering didn't work out for me personally, I wanted to find a way to use those same skills and apply them to a different industry. After some soul-searching, I think I've found the right fit.

Where is your favorite place to hangout on campus/in Athens?

My exciting, riveting answer is probably just someone's apartment, but there are a few restaurants around town that I've come to enjoy quite a bit (like Gran Ranchero, Plus One Pizza, and Whit's Frozen Custard).

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