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MBA Bobcat Q&A: Neeley Allen

Thursday, March 22 2018 12:00am

Neeley chose OHIO's Professional MBA to prepare for the next step in her marketing career

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Allen , Neeley 2Name: Neeley Allen

Program: Ohio University’s Professional MBA

Class: Spring 2015

What is your current job?

I currently serve as the coordinator of communications and marketing for Ohio University's Chillicothe Campus. As the only person in my department, I oversee all internal and external communications for the college. This includes developing content for all marketing and communication channels, generating media coverage, and managing all social media platforms.

Why did you choose Ohio University’s Professional MBA program?

I chose this program because I was interested in gaining a business skill set, specifically in marketing. Previously working in recruiting and wanting to get into a marketing role, I thought the MBA aligned best with my future goals while also adding value to my current position.

How have you been able to balance your career, your classwork, and your personal life?

Being that the program is online, it was much easier for me to juggle all my commitments. The program is flexible and fosters a great virtual learning environment. I could do my classwork during breaks at work or once I got home in the evening.

With travel only occurring about once a month, this program is very doable for anyone, in all realms of life. That being said, any graduate program takes sacrifices. The program does a great job of accommodating to your needs and providing you with convenience to complete all necessary studies.

Have you been able to apply what you’ve learned in the Professional MBA program to your current job and how?

All the courses in the program have been beneficial in one way or another. Certainly, the marketing classes have played a great part in my role now. In the program we delved into the nuts and bolts of marketing, learned about analyzing competing environments, and determined how to target specific populations. This helped me gain a holistic view of our recruitment area.

The accounting and finance classes have also been extremely helpful. I currently manage my department’s budget and those skills we learned in the class come into play daily. Overall, all aspects of the program have made me a better professional in being able to run my department.

What was your favorite Professional MBA course and why?

I touched on it briefly, but the marketing classes were my favorite because it related with what I was doing and the skill set I wanted to gain. Those classes positively impacted my career as my job now is a promotion partly due to the skill set I learned. Being a numbers person, the accounting and finance classes were also enjoyable for me.

Which College of Business mentor/faculty/staff member has had a positive influence on your education?

Every individual has contributed to my success in some way. Dr. Chris Moberg’s passion for his marketing classes showed through in his teachings and it was the subject I, too, was passionate about. He did a great job of keeping us engaged throughout the course.

Dr. Andrew Fodor was also an exceptional faculty member. He taught our finance and capstone classes. Throughout the program, he was extremely understanding and helpful.

What would you tell someone considering Ohio University’s Professional Masters of Business Administration degree?

I would tell someone that if you are dedicated and determined, you can do it. It can seem overwhelming at first, especially with a lot of other life commitments, but being that the program is a virtual environment it is doable. This program is specifically developed for working professionals. I would also say that you must have a strong support system. My husband was a huge supporter of me and my endeavors. This is a tremendous opportunity and the program is definitely worth it!