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MBA Bobcat Q&A: Nick Linn

Friday, June 24 2016 12:00am

Columbus-area professional Nick Linn wanted an accredited and affordable MBA program. He found it at OHIO.

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Nick LinnName: Nick Linn

Program: Ohio University’s Professional Masters in Business Administration

Class year: 2015

What is your current job?

Senior Financial and Strategy Analyst at DHL Supply Chain

Why did you choose Ohio University’s Professional MBA program?

As a Columbus-area professional, I was looking for an accredited MBA program that was affordable and would allow me to keep my job. Ohio University’s part-time MBA program met all my needs. The combination of virtual classrooms, online learning modules, and monthly residencies in Dublin, Ohio allowed me to complete work on my own time without losing the benefit of in-person networking.  

How have you been able to balance your career, your classwork, and your personal life?

It’s important to figure out a schedule that works best for you. For me, I stayed on top of my work by dedicating a little time each day to the program. It didn’t have to be a huge block of time, but just enough to accomplish something. I also designated one day a week as “my day”; a day that I wouldn’t do classwork.

Have you been able to apply what you’ve learned in the Professional MBA program to your current job? If so, how?

Absolutely. I started a new job at the beginning of the program, and right away started to apply what I was learning in class. By the end of the program I received a promotion within the company.

What was your favorite Professional MBA course and why?

My favorite PMBA course was applied business experience. This is a simulation course. It tied everything we learned together, it was a lot of team work, and it was one of the most applicable courses in the program. It was also my final class, and a great way to end my experience.

Which College of Business mentor/faculty/staff member has had a positive influence on your education?

I received my undergraduate degree in microbiology from Ohio University. After graduation, I started to consider a career in business. Dr. Jason Stoner had a very positive impact on this decision. He was the first person who encouraged me to pursue a Master’s degree in business administration.

What would you tell someone considering the part-time Professional MBA program?

It will be a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it. My degree has already more than paid for itself. 

About the Professional MBA Program

Ohio University's Professional Master of Business Administration program delivers curriculum in a flexible format to fit the lives of working professionals. Students are prepared to make an immediate impact in their organization by applying what they learn today in their jobs tomorrow. The part-time PMBA program blends virtual classrooms, online learning modules, and monthly Saturday classes in Dublin, Ohio. 

To learn more about Ohio Univeristy's Professional MBA program, visit or keep reading PMBA student Q&As.