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MBA student Tom Nelson crowned winner at OHIO MBA Interview Competition

Tuesday, April 2 2019 10:00am

MBA students compete to win class interview competition

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By: Taylor Uden 

The 2019 MBA Interview Competition was a two-week process for the MBA Graduate Career Management class, and it all came down to one winner. 

With Career Management Coach Sam Hollback and Assistant Dean Jen Murphy at the helm, the Career and Student Success Center (CSSC) put together a highly competitive interview competition among the entire class. 

The first round started with the entire MBA class. Each member went through a formal interview with a CSSC staff member. The 30-minute time slot was used to evaluate a student with roughly five predetermined questions. The student had the opportunity to ask questions at the end, and the interviewer would follow with any feedback on the student’s performance. 

"It was important that each student had individual time with an interviewer to receive feedback for the future," Hollback said. "This happened during the first round of interviews and those who did exceptionally well went on to round two." 

Three days later, the competition was down to eight participants, and then it came to the final three. With an emphasis on storytelling and confidence, the final three contestants interviewed in front of the entire MBA class. 

"Storytelling walks the interviewer through a situation, task, action, and result in a concise and chronological order," Hollback said. "Confidence makes the interviewer believe in you and your story." 

After a nail-biting championship round between Kasey Boggess, Nicholas Fryman and Tom Nelson pleading their case, the decision was close, but ultimately Nelson brought home the gold.  

"It was a great opportunity to refine some of my interviewing skills," Nelson said. "It wasn’t easy being interviewed in a class, but it was a rewarding process."

This competition capped the MBA Career Development course just in time for the job search to begin. Hollback said she loved the opportunity to hear students’ stories and gave a piece of advice – for anyone looking to improve your interviewing skills, take the pressure off yourself.  

"Treat the interview like a conversation. Ask the interviewer questions and learn about the work environment," she said. "This is your opportunity to learn just as much about the company/interviewer as they are learning about you."