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Meet the Ambassador: Colleen Allen

Friday, December 7 2018 03:30pm

Colleen Allen shares her academic journey and experience at OHIO

By Meghan Morris

Name: Colleen Allen

Major(s): Marketing

Class year: 2018

Hometown: Huron, Ohio

Our 2018-19 College of Business Ambassadors share stories about how the college has supported them throughout their academic journeys. This week, we connected with Colleen Allen, a second-year ambassador.


Colleen Allen chose Ohio University because she has a strong interest in sales, and wants to go into IT sales after graduation. Then, she wants to stay within the business field to earn a master’s in business administration and teach marketing at a university.

“I wouldn't be the individual I am today if it weren't for the professors, staff, classroom experiences, and student organizations I've been surrounded by,” Allen said.

As a student ambassador, she wants to highlight all of the College of Business resources available to students. Alan believes freshman shouldn’t miss out on receiving guidance from faculty or starting their professional profile early.

“My favorite experience was the time I sat down with a student at a luncheon who was torn between OU and UC,” Allen said. “When we first began to eat, he explained to me that he was really unsure of his decision. But after 45 minutes of answering questions and sharing my experiences as a Bobcat, he looked at me and said, ‘Yeah I'm thinking this is the school for me.’”

Allen wants freshmen to join student organizations that they can get value from, but contribute to just as much. However, they shouldn’t overload themselves with commitments and instead focus on a few interests.

“When I was a freshman, I thought I had to join a million organizations to be successful and stand out but I finally realized that quality is greater than quantity,” Allen said.

Below, Colleen Allen answers a few questions relating to her experiences on campus:

What extracurricular activities do you participate in?

Chi Omega Sorority - Active Member Ohio University Consulting Fellows - Active Member The Schey Sales Centre - VP of External Relations

What is one fun fact about you?

I'm graduating a semester early to backpack through Europe!

What’s your favorite spot on campus to study?

My favorite place to study on campus is Brenens! There's nothing better than studying with a breakfast sandwich and hot coffee.

College of Business Student Ambassadors are a select group of business majors who have been chosen to represent the college with prospective students and their families. Throughout the year, ambassadors share their experience with individuals through daily visits and Undergraduate Admissions visitor programs. For questions about the program or to reach a specific ambassador, email