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Meet the Ambassador: Michael Buckles

Wednesday, January 16 2019 03:30pm

Michael Buckles shares his academic journey and experience at OHIO

By Meghan Morris

Name: Michael Buckles

Major(s): Business Analytics; Management & Strategic Leadership

Class year: 2019

Hometown: Sunbury, Ohio

Our 2018-19 College of Business Ambassadors share stories about how the college has supported them throughout their academic journey. This week, we connected with Michael Buckles, a second-year ambassador who also serves as the Student Ambassador Coordinator.

Michael Buckles says that Ohio University, and specifically the College of Business, changed his life forever. He’s grateful that the college makes it possible to choose two majors.


“For me, adding business analytics to my degree gave me a competitive advantage against peers who are looking into the field of talent management and talent acquisition,” he said.

As a student ambassador, he wants to tell students about his positive experience and how many opportunities the COB provides students. He was even part of a promotional video for the College of Business, which was his favorite memory as an ambassador.

Returning as an ambassador for another year means that Buckles gets to know even more high-achieving peers from the COB.

“I’m looking forward to coordinating the Ambassadors,” he said. “I’ll get to lead all of the incredible students in the program who have taken advantage of everything the COB has to offer.”

Buckles wants freshman to take chances and go outside of their comfort zone. College lets a student learn about themselves through opportunities they might not have had before, he said.

Below, Michael Buckles answers a few questions relating to his experiences on campus:

What extracurricular activities do you participate in?

I am currently on executive boards for the Schey Sales Centre, SHRM, and Student Ambassadors. I am also involved in Select Leaders development group. Outside of the COB, I participate in intramural activities.

What is one fun fact about you?

I am the only biological child in my family. (four adopted siblings)

What’s your favorite spot on campus to study?

Leaders Lounge or on the upstairs porch of Donkey

College of Business Student Ambassadors are a select group of business majors who have been chosen to represent the college with prospective students and their families. Throughout the year, ambassadors share their experience with individuals through daily visits and Undergraduate Admissions visitor programs. For questions about the program or to reach a specific ambassador, email