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Meet the One-Year MBA Executive Leadership Development Team

Friday, February 9 2018 12:00am

Get to know the inaugural team and how they’re laying the groundwork for future MBA Bobcats

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This year, the One-Year MBA program launched its first Executive Leadership Development Team. These members assist in program initiatives such as philanthropy, professional development, recruiting, logistics, and marketing. On top of gaining valuable leadership skills and making sure their classmates have the best possible experience, their goal is also to lay the foundation for improving the program for future cohorts. Now, let’s meet the team!                                                                                                                                                         

Amanda Byrd, VP of Marketing

Amanda Byrd Headshot

Undergraduate University and Major: James Madison University, Sport and Recreation Management

Position Responsibilities: Create marketing material to promote the One-Year MBA cohort and program; assist with recruiting efforts to make sure we have all the marketing materials we need; assist in putting together a resume book for potential employers 

Favorite part about being in the One-Year MBA program: The MBA program has provided me with a unique business skill set that I'll be able to bring to any company. It has provided me with insight and knowledge about what the future of business looks like and how I can assist in solving potential problems. 

Dream Job: My dream job is to be a director of championships at a Power 5 Collegiate Conference.


Danielle Davis, VP of Professional Development & Leadership Engagements

Davis Danielle Headshot

Undergraduate University and Major: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, B.S. in Kinesiology.

Position Responsibilities: Reach out to alumni and other key leaders; arrange visits including agenda and related logistics

Favorite part of being in the One-Year MBA program: This diverse group of individuals bring several different perspectives and insights in all of our classes. With this program being very diverse, it keeps class and group assignments interesting and influential on our professional careers. 

Dream Job: To own my own business that encompasses sport specific strength and conditioning, career and personal development, physical therapy, nutrition education, a healthy bar/shack/restaurant, study rooms, academic advisors or mentor programs and a "sports center" lounge area. It’ll be a one stop shop for high school and college athletes.  


Nicole Galli, VP of Philanthropy 

Nicole Galli Headshot

Undergraduate University and Major: Wilfrid Laurier University, B.Sc. in Kinesiology and Physical Education

Position Responsibilities: Encourage the MBA class to get involved in philanthropic initiatives around the community and come up with unique ways to involve our class 

Favorite part of being in the One-Year MBA program: I like how close everyone is in our cohort. We come from different educational, professional and cultural backgrounds, and we have the opportunity to get to know our classmates and faculty very well. 

Dream Job: Unsure but I definitely want to work for a professional team or in Division I college athletics. 


Lisanne Manders, VP of Recruiting

Manders Lisanne Headshot

Undergraduate University and Major: The University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam

Position Responsibilities: Partner with faculty and staff to develop a strategy to recruit the next class of MBA students; prepare presentations for classroom meetings and speak to other classes and organizations about the program

Favorite part of being in the One-Year MBA program: I really like all the strategic and leadership knowledge that we gain during the MBA program. I also like the networking trips that we do. The networking trips give me a better understanding of what I like and dislike in an organization.

Dream Job: Chief of Mission of the Dutch Olympic team  


Morgan McPherson, VP of Logistics

Mcpherson Morgan Headshot

Undergraduate University and Major: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Media and Journalism with a focus in Public Relations 

Position Responsibilities: Work with program directors and finance lead to schedule networking trips/events and organize logistics

Favorite part about being in the One-Year MBA program: What I like most about the MBA program is that it allows people from all different backgrounds and interests to learn from and work with one another. Much of our work is done in teams and it is a great experience getting to know one another and seeing what motivates other people. There are also extensive leadership and networking opportunities in the program. 

Dream Job: Director of Athletic Hospitality for a Power 5 university.


Joel Shump, President

Joel Shump 1

Undergraduate University and Major: Ohio University, Marketing

Position Responsibilities: I have the privilege of working with each of the vice presidents on multiple program initiatives. I assist on multiple projects being worked on by each vice president, as well as acting as an intermediary between the MBA class and the faculty.  

Favorite pat about being in the One-Year MBA program: My favorite part has to be the fact that I'm surrounded by such motivated and talented people each day in the classroom. Everyone in the classroom wants to be there. The wide range of experience and viewpoints makes the learning experience so dynamic. 

Dream Job: Undecided but anywhere that will allow me to lead, mentor, and use my experience to its full potential

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