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Meet the Professor: Alexa Fox

Thursday, January 28 2016 12:00am

Outdoor enthusiast + marketing guru + research enthusiast

Tags: Marketing

By Brianna Wilson 

From the time she was young, Fox liked teaching, but it wasn’t until an undergraduate professor suggested she go into academia that she considered it. “Being open to other people’s opinions and experiences has really influenced my life,” said Fox. “This isn’t a career I would have thought of when I was young, but I really enjoy the field and feel like I’m meant to be here. Now, I want to pay the guidance I received forward and help students find the right path for them.”

After completing her undergraduate degree, the “professor” seed was planted in Fox’s mind. After completing her MBA, she worked for strategic and online marketing firms, as well as a nonprofit organization, where she learned that she not only liked teaching, but also enjoyed research. “Those experiences helped me to understand the range of opportunities within the marketing field, and now I can pass that onto my students,” said Fox.

It also helps Fox format her curriculum to help students develop and understand skills that she knows employers value. For instance, Fox holds one to two classes on Twitter each semester, called TweetChats. She’ll tweet a question or discussion point to students, and they reply, forming a type of real-time, online learning community. “The students enjoy engaging on Twitter,” said Fox. “It gives them the opportunity to apply course concepts to and talk to each other about real marketing situations. Their answers must be professional, yet succinct, since there is a 140 character limit, so it builds a unique type of communication skill, too.” 

- Potpourri –

Five pressing questions for Professor Fox

Do you have a favorite place to eat in Athens or on campus? 

“It’s hard to choose, because I’ve tried quite a few great restaurants so far. But if I had to pick one, I’d go with Salaam.”

Do you have a favorite spot on Ohio University’s campus?

“I love College Green. It’s beautiful, no matter the season, and it captures the essence of a true college campus.”

Which season do you like best in Athens? 

“Ohio’s four seasons are beautiful, so it’s hard to choose! But, I like summer the best. I always have, because it’s warm but not overbearing.”

What performances or sporting events have you enjoyed?

“Copperheads games in the summer are a lot of fun; I am always really impressed by the caliber of the games and how so many sport management students are involved. The Performing Arts & Concert Series events are entertaining as well.”

What have you liked most about working with students and faculty here at Ohio University’s College of Business?

“There’s a lot of pride affiliated with Ohio University and the College of Business, which you don’t get everywhere. People are really excited to be here, which makes for a great atmosphere.”