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Meet the Professor: Dr. Adam Rapp

Thursday, September 17 2015 12:00am

#BusinessBobcat trivia: Which professor published a paper on superhero leadership and can describe himself in just 16 words? You guessed it: Dr. Adam Rapp, executive director, The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre and the Ralph and Luci Schey Associate Professor of Sales.

Adam Rapp (2)By Brianna Wilson

So, what were those 16 words that Rapp used to describe himself? “I’m passionate about teaching sales material to students and professionals so they can be better at their jobs and more successful. 

Students can expect to see Rapp’s passion in the classroom. “I prepare 15 slides for each class, and if I get past the third slide, it is a very, very good day,” he said.

They also can see his creativity. Earlier this year, Rapp published “Sales leadership icons and models: How comic book superheroes would make great sales leaders”. In the paper, he identifies the top ten leadership characteristics and links them to superheroes. Superman exemplified empathy, Wonder Woman signified transparency, Iron Man stood for innovation and continuous improvement, and so forth.  

In return for his enthusiasm, he urges students to prepare for class. “It puts students in a much better mindset to learn,” he explained.

Rapp discovered his passion for sales during his first sales call in Philadelphia. When his company restructured, it was a catalyst for him to go into academia. After being invited to present at the College of Business in 2012, he knew he wanted to end up here. “Dean Sherman made a huge impact on me. He had a clear vision that was incredibly thought out, and I could tell it would be implemented,” he explained.

They met again 18 months later when Rapp visited to interview, and the rest is history.

- Potpourri –

Five pressing questions for Dr. Rapp

Do you have a favorite place to eat in Athens or on campus?

“I really like Big Mamma’s Burritos. Love ‘em.”

Do you have a favorite spot on Ohio University’s campus?

“The Quad and College Green are both awesome.” 

Which season do you like best in Athens?


What events have you enjoyed in Athens?

“I liked Brew Week and Boogie on the Bricks.”