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Meet the Professor: Dr. Connie Esmond-Kiger

Friday, November 6 2015 12:00am

She loves puzzles, was once an interior designer, and fell in love with Athens on a dreary December day. But, the most important thing to know about Dr. Esmond-Kiger is how much she loves students, teaching, and developing curriculum.

Tags: Accounting

By Brianna Wilson

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The first thing Dr. Connie Esmond-Kiger shared about herself was that she’s “a teacher at heart.” And every subsequent thing she said returned to that thought.

Though her Accounting 3050 class is difficult, Dr. Esmond-Kiger does all she can do make the experience a good one for students. “I try to be as supportive as possible. I encourage them to ask any questions they have—both in class and outside of class,” she said.  Ultimately, students describe the class as a “tough love” experience, concluded Esmond-Kiger. “They work hard and put in long hours, but appreciate the experience and what they have learned when it’s over—the best part is when they tell me they actually miss being in my class. 

Though Esmond-Kiger earned her first degree in interior design, she pursued accounting for her second bachelor’s and post-graduate education. “Accounting is like putting a puzzle together, and I love puzzles,” she explained.

After working as a public accountant withPricewaterhouseCoopers, now PwC, and then as the associate controller at Dartmouth College, she felt compelled to move onto something new. “While working at Dartmouth, I kept running into students at events and around campus,” she explained. “I had already decided I enjoyed hanging around college students, but the day I visited an accounting class was the day I decided to go back to school and become a professor. I was smitten.”

A few years and a PhD later, Dr. Esmond-Kiger found her passion: teaching and developing new approaches to delivering accounting curriculum. After several years of badgering the previous author for changes and then co-authoring, she now is the sole author of the Business Activity Model for Teaching Intermediate Accounting, or BAM, which is used in OHIO’s accounting curriculum and at several other universities.

In December 1998, Dr. Esmond-Kiger applied for her present faculty position and visited Athens to see Ohio University for the first time. “It was a dreary winter day, but I absolutely fell in love with the place,” she said. “I was ecstatic to be hired for the following fall, and the rest is history.”

- Potpourri –

Five pressing questions for Dr. Esmond-Kiger

Do you have a favorite place to eat in Athens or on campus? 

“Salaam. It’s always delicious and the atmosphere is a lot of fun.”

Do you have a favorite spot on Ohio University’s campus?

“Emeriti Park--it is a beautiful spot year round and I love what it stands for.” 

Which season do you like best in Athens?

“Spring. All of the trees are in bloom, and it’s very lush and green. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s also an exciting time with graduation coming.” 

What events have you enjoyed in Athens?

“Homecoming, basketball, volleyball, and events at Stuart’s Opera House.”

What have you liked most about working with students at Ohio University’s College of Business?

“My favorite part is being part of their entire experience with us. I love meeting students when they first arrive, and then watching them develop and mature. I watch them learn, I watch their confidence grow as they reach out and network with each other and with recruiters, and then I watch them strut out the door. I love being part of their transformation into proud and successful Bobcats. After they leave, I continue to be amazed at their success, and am extremely proud of how loyal they are to us.”