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Master of Sports Administration Students Excel in Movember fundraising, despite questionable Mustaches

Friday, December 4 2015 05:00pm

While not all MSA students can grow a great mustache, all contributed to an exceptional fundraising initiative in the month of November

If you noticed the Master of Sports Administration students looking a little different over the past month, you weren’t alone. For the last five years, the MSA students have dedicated their November to raising funds and awareness for men’s health issues through the Movember Foundation. While that means the men of the class commit to a month of no shaving their upper lips (a look that wasn’t meant for everyone), it is the combined efforts of all students that has made the yearly effort a repeat success.


Dan Williams (MSA ’16) was charged with coordinating and leading the campaign this year. He was determined that the initiative had room to grow within the MSA program.


"After chatting with our Movember Foundation rep in the early fall, I asked him what the average “MoBro” participant raised last year, to which he replied $100. Last year, our average MoBro raised less than $50,” said Williams.


We approached this year with a different mindset - set the bar high and offer tailored incentives as motivation to hit your goals. Some folks ran with it and then some, which truly bolstered the success of this year's efforts.”


With that $100 mark in mind, the MSA students set a minimum goal of $3100 for the team; $100 dollars for each mustache that would be grown. As soon as the first whiskers were appearing, students were out in the community, and on social media to raise awareness about the campaign and solicit donations for their personal campaigns.


Brett Baur (MSA ’16) was one of students who had outstanding success fundraising for the cause this year, raising over $400 on his own.


“Movember is an exciting time for the program because it unites so many causes,” said Baur.


Although I do not know anyone personally affected by prostate or testicular cancer, I have lost family and friends from all types of cancer. I view the Movember movement as more of a Cancer Ass-Kicking month.”


The persistence of the fundraising efforts over the entire month was one thing that Williams was most proud of. The end of the semester comes with holidays, projects, and tests but the fundraising efforts never diminished.


“This Movember may have been the best one yet. We more than tripled last year's fundraising total of $1,248. We surpassed our goal of $3,100 by over 90%. We exceeded our "reach" goal ($3,500) by over 50%. The stats are incredibly impressive. The fact we raised $4,040 in a, for a lack of better term, hairy manner, is something I am proud to have been a part of. Seeing 35 MoBros and MoSistas take pride in a global initiative is something we should all celebrate.”


The all-around success of the initiative was a contrast from the variable quality of the mustaches that were grown. But wispy facial hair was not enough to deter the Sports Administration students, and it provided a healthy dose of comedy for those who supported the efforts.


Baur is the first to admit that there is power behind less than perfect facial hair.


“Having one of the worst mustaches in the class, I knew I had to make up for it through my fundraising efforts. But we couldn’t do it without the family and friends who donate to the cause, and we are extremely thankful for that support.”


The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to making an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health by using fundraising dollars to fund  breakthrough solutions that produce tangible improvements in the lives of those dealing with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Learn more about the movement at their website