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My Fellowship Experience: Clark Harmon (MSA '20)

Wednesday, October 31 2018 04:25pm

Clark Harmon (MSA '20) touches on his fellowship experience with UNC - Charlotte Football.

Fellowship Position: 

Director of Player Personnel, Football- UNC Charlotte


- Manage and organize digital recruiting board of over 2,000 prospects.

- Keep board updated on hot prospects throughout UNC-Charlotte’s “recruiting footprint."

- Point for all unofficial and official visits.

- Plan and oversee logistics for over 50 visits, both players and coaches. 

- Manage a team of 10 student workers and interns that update boards and produce weekly graphics for the recruits.

Practical Skills You Learned:

I learned a lot about event planning and marketing. By planning multiple recruiting events, I learned how to build business connections across all platforms not just in sports. I learned how to work under pressure and time crunches. Lastly, I learned to know how to deliver quality products and experiences under a tight budget.

Other Intangible Skills You Learned:

Through my time in Charlotte, I learned how to prioritize my career moving forward. I learned when looking for a job it is far more important to build relationships and have good working relationships within your organizations and across multiple business platforms, than to focus solely on the work at hand. When looking for a job, make sure you understand the culture and can thrive in the environment. Make sure that your supervisors and coworkers support you and push you to be a better person, not just a better employee. 

Advice For Undergraduate Students or Incoming Students:

If I were to give advice to anyone looking for a job -sports or not- I would have two main points. Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you are looking for; don't just look for your dream job, look for your dream career. Loving what you do is very important, but loving the people you are doing it with is far more important in the grand scheme of things. Second, just relax. I am not saying be lazy or sit on the couch. After going through the job search process already, I know the stress and anxiety that comes with it. My advice is just to have faith in yourself and your abilities. By being confident and collected, the right job will find you. If you don't get an offer after your first interview, that is okay. It probably wasn't a great fit anyway. Stay calm through this process and be confident in yourself, and you will get further in your career than you could have ever imagined.

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory from my time at Charlotte is hard to pinpoint. From off season "noon hoops" with the coaches and staff to the many dinners and banquets I was honored to attend, I had a blast in my year there. If I had to choose though, our win versus UAB on homecoming was phenomenal. Though it was our lone win of the season, the energy and excitement of our players and fans was so much fun to watch. And watching a trick play to win the game was pretty awesome too!  

To wrap up, I would love to thank Ohio University for the opportunity to fellowship, along with the UNC Charlotte football coaching staff for allowing me to start my professional career with them. I cannot thank Head Coach Brad Lambert, Coach Ulrick Edmonds and the rest of the 49er staff enough for their coaching, mentorship, and love they showed me in my time there. Thank you!