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Office of Career Management expands offerings for the 2015-2016 school year

Thursday, September 10 2015 12:00am

Wondering what the Office of Career Management, #OCM, and #OCMonday are all about? Hear from the source as Jen Murphy, executive director of Career Management & Student Services, talks about the College’s Office of Career Management

By Brianna Wilson

In January, the College of Business began expanding and reorganizing the Offices of Career Management and Student Services. Under the direction of Jen Murphy, a new strategy was implemented to better serve students.

“This year, we expanded student offerings and added new resources,” she said. “It’s all to position our students for career success, now and into the future.”

Throughout the summer, Murphy and her team reinvented several aspects of the office to achieve just that. Together, they:

Developed a new employer relations strategy

A recent addition to the College, Linsey Sledge, associate director of employer relations led efforts to create an integrated employer relations strategy.

“We want employers to know that when they come here, they’re going to find outstanding candidates to recruit. We’re building trusting relationships with employers,” said Murphy. “They trust us and are invested because they believe in the strategy and vision.”

Ongoing, OCM will customize recruiting strategies with employers, facilitating engagement between employers, students, and faculty.

“We view this as a partnership,” said Murphy. “We’re empowering employers to find the right students to meet their talent needs and helping students find great places to work.”

Reimagined BA1000 course for freshman

Traditionally BA1000 focused on exploring majors within the College, but the restructured course now addresses self-assessments, professionalism, and career exploration.

 “We want students to understand their interests and strengths and begin thinking through career decisions earlier,” explained Murphy.

Implemented a new professionalism initiative

The professionalism initiative resembles a code of ethics created to protect students and employers. “As a student advocate, I put this into place to make sure that students are making smart choices about their character and professional choices before moving forward,” said Murphy, “For employers, we want to ensure they have the very best experience recruiting our students. ”

Students can view the policy online.

Redesigned their appointment system

OCM is completely focused on helping students, from offering advice to making it easier for students to connect with staff to ensuring that it’s the best advice possible. That’s why OCM is offering drop-in office hours from 1 to 4 p.m. on weekdays and scheduled appointments for longer conversations.

 It’s also why career coaches now specialize in certain majors. The career coaches leverage the expertise of advisory board members, alumni, faculty, and recruiters.

Career Coach Brittany Tyree is focused on advising students majoring in accounting, business economics, and finance. Career Coach Tracy Corrigan will give more focused attention to students in marketing, management information systems, and business pre-law. Both Tyree and Corrigan will help students navigate through entrepreneurship, international business, and management and strategic leadership. Career Coach Louie Iglesias will provide focused attention to students in sport management.

Students can also meet with trained peer consultants and graduate assistants.

Created #OCMonday tips

The Office is taking over the College of Business’ social media every Monday to share helpful articles, tips, and resources with Business Bobcats. Follow the College’s social media to see what they have to share.

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How students can benefit from the improved OCM

“The first thing students need to know about OCM is how dedicated the team is to helping you succeed. I see the passion my staff have for the College and most importantly, for helping the students,” said Murphy. “It’s really inspiring.”

OCM’s model is a partnership, where students actively engage in the process putting as much effort into managing their own careers as OCM does.

“We’d be doing students a disservice if we handed them jobs,” said Murphy. “We’re educators, and so we want to equip them to manage the career for the rest of their lives, not just give them a job placement.”

That’s why OCM works with students to teach them as much as possible – from the basics of networking and resume writing to the often-daunting task of negotiating salary.  

Need-to-know information

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