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OHIO College of Business alumnus Brian Moore talks about becoming a business leader

Tuesday, November 10 2015 12:00am

Ohio University College of Business alumnus Brian Moore, senior vice president, treasurer, McKesson Corporation explains how OHIO, diverse work experiences, and a great attitude helped lead to his success.

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BrianmooreAlumni: Brian Moore

Current role: Senior vice president, treasurer, McKesson Corporation

Home base: San Francisco, California

In his current role as senior vice president, treasurer, McKesson Corporation, OHIO College of Business alumnus Brian Moore and his team oversee the funding of operations, the movement of cash in multiple currencies, and the reductions of various financial risks for a multinational corporation with more than 180 billion dollars in revenue. 

“On a day-to-day basis, I talk with partners in the company’s business units, work with my treasury teams in San Francisco and Germany, and proactively support the business while minimizing its risks.” Talk about a big job. But how did Moore get there?

It all started with OHIO’s College of Business. When Moore entered the College as an undergraduate, he was unsure of what he wanted to major in, much less what kind of career he wanted to pursue.

“I benefitted from taking multiple classes freshman year in different areas to see what I liked. Finance really struck a chord with me,” Moore explained. “I then focused on more specific classes like investments and corporate strategy, which helped me discover that finance was where I wanted to build a career.” 

With a BBA in finance under his belt, Moore joined the corporate world. But instead of moving up in just one organization, he gained experience at multiple companies including McDonalds, USG, and Dover Corporation.

“I wanted to make sure that I’d have varied experiences in roles where I developed new skill sets that would challenge what I already knew, but from a different perspective,” he said. “So, I continued to find increasing levels of responsibility and opportunities where I could help influence the direction of companies.” 

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Moore was asked to leave his current role and lead a project that aimed to minimize the amount of capital needed to run the business. “It was exciting to work with a team of people from all parts of the company on a project where we could quickly execute what was necessary in the company’s time of need.”                                        

Following that, the company’s CEO asked Moore to lead investor relations. “I moved into a role where I met with investors on a daily basis, heard how they thought, and then developed the right voice to communicate the company’s strategic position in a clear and concise way,” he said. “It was a tremendous learning experience.”

Those examples lead to Moore’s final message for growing students: be proactive.  “One of the best ways to be more relevant in any organization is to intentionally seek out experiences that help you expand a skill set to draw upon and add value to every challenge that lies ahead.”   

If you were looking for Moore’s ultimate keys to success, he just said it. Be relevant and proactive, build diverse experiences, and do it with enthusiasm. 

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Pressing questions for Brian Moore 

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

“Businesses face many challenges–and there are lots of ways to solve them. I get to seek a strategic solution that is functional, innovative, and operational. It’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle–that’s what makes it the most exciting.”

What advice do you have for students trying to make it in business?

“Ask yourself what you are doing today to be relevant. It’s not good enough to just sit at your desk and do a really good job and expect others to seek you out. Be proactive about creating your brand. Show others the type of person you are, the type of employee you are, and the kind of teammate you can be.

Additionally, people I’ve found to be most successful in business are those who are great collaborators, who easily work with other people, and are willing to push aside their own ego for the collective good.”

Why do you continue to support and stay involved with OHIO’s College of Business?

“Ohio University’s College of Business gave me exposure to areas of study and professional opportunities that I wasn’t aware of, which was fantastic. I’ll always be indebted to the school for that. The College encouraged me to grow academically and socially, and put me on a path that has led me to a very rewarding professional and personal life.”

When you weren’t in class, where would we find you on campus?

“Playing intramural sports, going to football, basketball, or hockey games, or hanging out with friends.”