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Enactus Team Collaborates with More Than 72,000 Students at Annual Summit Dedicated to Impacting Over One Million Lives

Wednesday, November 6 2019 01:10pm

College of Business students work to create a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators.

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By Meghan McManamon

Meet Enactus, a COB student organization focused on making the world a better place.

Enactus is an international organization of student, academic, and business leaders who are passionate about creating a better, more sustainable world through the power of entrepreneurial action.

The Ohio University chapter joined the International Enactus organization in the Fall of 2013. The team is made up of 16 members from any major, undergraduate or graduate level, and takes pride in having a diverse set of members with a wide range of skillsets that allow them to be successful.

Every year, Enactus identifies core problems in the community and develops projects to address those issues in an entrepreneurial and sustainable way. Teams conduct needs assessments, collect and analyze data, and deploy innovative projects that create social impact. Based on the members’ personal interests and passions, they split off into groups to specialize in three main topics. The teams’ topics may consist of developing a project on food insecurity, focusing on economic development or environmental issues. The projects are mainly focused in southeastern Ohio, but the goal is to apply the research to similar areas experiencing similar issues across the world.

Derek Tittle, a junior member in the organization studying marketing and business analytics said, "With our team, we work on projects to make a sustainable difference in our community, which can be very rewarding.” Tittle, who has three years of experience with Enactus added, “Through the conferences we attend, I have been able to network with some great companies, meet students from other schools, and learn more about Enactus, all in the hopes of maximizing the impact we have in the community."

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The University of Pittsburgh Collaboration Summit

In September, the Enactus team received a travel grant to attend the University of Pittsburgh Fall Collaboration Summit. The annual summit is an event where new students are introduced to the organization and current students have the opportunity to share their experiences and hear from other schools’ Enactus leadership.

The weekend-long summit is filled with opportunities to network, receive professional training, attend career development workshops, and collaborate with other Enactus members. Students also have the chance to attend one of three workshops dedicated to reviewing their resumes, improving their LinkedIn profiles, and practicing their elevator pitches. Students are able to speak with a panel of the organization’s alumni and corporate sponsor recruiters about how Enactus has been instrumental in shaping their careers.

According to Jacob Donaldson, Ohio University’s Enactus President, the Collaboration Summit not only motivated the OHIO’s team entrepreneurial projects but also brought their team closer together. “It gave our team momentum, momentum that they’re acting on as they complete our needs assessments and move forward with developing project proposals.”

Adding to its Roster

The organization is currently recruiting and offers a unique experience for students to take complete ownership of a project — from start to finish. It’s an opportunity to excel in a professional environment by allowing students the opportunity to communicate with stakeholders, collaborate with internal members, implement projects, address roadblocks, and make mistakes (and learn from them).

“Enactus has been a great way to not only gain leadership opportunities, but work on real entrepreneurial projects in the community,” said business student Abe Dalisky, BBA ’22. “It has been such a privilege to collaborate with other bright-minded and driven students.”

Through Enactus, students make a meaningful difference in their community. Combining business and community development, the organization is a great way to gain skills and the experience necessary to build careers. Students are open to a worldwide network of over 72,000 other students and 550 corporate partners who are all committed to the same goal: making a better world.

Welcoming students from any major, Enactus offers students the opportunity to join them at any of their weekly meetings, held every Thursday from 5-6 PM in the CoLab (Alden Library 301U). Email to learn more.