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Ohio University's College of Business Career & Student Success Center helps students gain competitive edge on job market

Tuesday, July 10 2018 12:00am

Career & Student Success Center provides resources and coaching for students to prepare for life in the workplace

By Meghan Morris

In 2017, more than 4,016 career coaching appointments were booked with the Career & Student Success Center by students looking to prepare for their transitions into the workplace.

“We see a ton of appointments, but it’s pretty cool that that’s just the tip of what we do,” Grace Ede, senior assistant director of career management, said.

Five staff members, within the Career and Student Success Center (CSSC), work to prepare business bobcats for the real world. The CSSC team benefits students through services and activities such as academic advising career courses, career fairs, and workshops.

Career Focused Courses

No matter your major, every College of Business student must complete BA 1000 – Introduction to the College of Business and BA 2000 – Career Management Strategies, which covers the ins and outs of the hiring process and how to prepare for career opportunities. The courses, instructed by career coaches, help business bobcats gain experience with key skills such as writing resumes, interviewing and assessing job offers.

“Because of those, we already have a basis for a lot of the conversations that we have,” Chris Washko, assistant director of career management, said. “There’s more contact points and ways for us to have students be ready and competitive earlier.”

Career Coaching

Outside of the classroom, one-on-one appointments with a career coach or peer consultant are also available to students seeking additional guidance. During these appointments career coaches help students with everything from formatting emails to practicing their interview skills.

Each career coach focuses on a certain “career community” and consults with students within a specific group of majors. Having one point of contact throughout the academic journey maximizes the career coaching experience. 

Tori Lang ('18), a partnership development sales intern at AIESEC, said she started seeing her career coach, Grace Ede, during her junior year after learning about career coaching in BA 2000. They would meet every month or more if needed. 

“I started to see Gracie for internship recommendations and help on my resume,” she said. “She always has this super positive attitude so I think that always helps me feel better when I leave.”

Sydney Wolff, a solution sales specialist at IBM and former peer consultant, also said a CSSC staff member suggested that she practice informational interviews every week if she wants to be competitive.

“The next week (after getting that advice), when I started doing informational interviews, I connected with somebody at IBM who helped me get my internship there and is now one of the big reasons why I have a full-time job here,” she said. “I owe all of that to the Career and Student Success Center.”

Whether students meet frequently or check in with their career coach periodically, they are steadily preparing themselves to be competitive and land a full-time job upon graduation. 

In his first semester at Ohio University, Washko also helped seniors build career strategies from the ground up. He met with one of those student twice during the week before graduation. A couple weeks later, Washko received an email from the graduate stating that he landed a full-time job with a a Columbus-based company. Washko said he’s proud to see students succeed.

“I’m giving you the tools, but you’re doing the work,” he said. “I’m showing you how and what to do, but you’re taking what you learned and putting yourself out there.”

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