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#OHIOFamily at NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar

Friday, February 9 2018 12:00am

What five current MBA/MSA graduate students learned from the NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar

Five current students were selected to join the NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar in Indianapolis on January 24-26. This annual professional development event provides effective leadership, educational, and transitional programing for 200 graduate assistants and interns from NCAA membership schools around the country. Here's a recap of the event and what they learned from the week!

What are your career goals?

Jeremy Reiskind: "Right now, my career goals are still very fluid, however I know I want to incorporate sports and the development of children/young adults. Because college athletics combines sports and the development of young adults, I am interested in working in college athletics."

Amanda Byrd: "I'd like to be a director of championships for a collegiate conference or a content strategist for a sports team."

Lemar Daniels: "To be the athletic director at a small institution"

Morgan McPherson: "I would like to work in college athletics development, specifically in the areas of donor relations, events, and stewardship. Ultimately, I think I would like to oversee donor events and gameday hospitality for a Power 5 university."

What did you learn from the DiSC workshop?

Jeremy Reiskind: "The DiSC workshop was one of my favorite parts of the conference. It perfectly put into words my leadership and life philosophy while clearly identifying areas I need to improve. It also gave me specific ways to better interact with different leadership styles."

Amanda Byrd: "I'm extremely interested in working in college athletics, as it's an industry segment that is rich in tradition yet ever changing and innovating."

What else did you do outside of the seminar?

Jeremy Reiskind: "After the seminar ended, we had lunch with OHIO alumni in Indy including Neelay Bhatt, Marty Bechtold, Eric Neuburger, Cal Burleson, Barney Levengood, and Kelly Ford (MSA '18). Following lunch, Eric gave us a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium and talked to us about how the venue changes and operates for all events."

Morgan McPherson: "We had the chance to explore downtown Indianapolis and also tour Lucas Oil Stadium. It was a great experience getting to see the home of the Colts and so many other events that Indy hosts."

The most memorable/impactful speaker at the event?

Lemar Daniels: "Meg Stevens, AD at Averett University. Perfectly voiced my ideals and excitement about working in small college athletics."

Morgan McPherson: "Karen Stromme, senior assoicate AD and SWA at University of Minnesota Duluth. Karen gave an inspiring talk about figuring out what your personal values are and staying true to those throughout your career. She stressed the importance of keeping your values in mind when deciding what area of college athletics you want to work in as well as what institution to be at. "

Amanda Byrd: "My favorite speaker was our emcee for the conference, Kerry Kenny, Big Ten Assistant Commissioner of Public Affairs. He shared several professional tips and quotes with us throughout the conference. 'Be quick but don't hurry' said by John Wooden, was my favorite quote he shared. Often times in a fast paced business and environment it's easy to get caught consistently thinking of the future, however it's integral to enjoy where you are and get the most out of your current job/program."

The most valuable lesson you learned?

Amanda Byrd: "Do anything you do with 100% conviction. Be confident in who you are and in your ability to succeed in this industry. You'll make mistakes along the way, but own up to them and continue working hard each day."

Jeremy Reiskind: "The most valuable lesson I learned was 'Treat Everyone Like Aces' from Meg Stevens. That phrase means that you should give each individual you interact with your full attention and respect as if they were the most important individual in the world."