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#OMalleyCup16 Flag Football Recap

Wednesday, September 23 2015 02:20pm

Josh Law catches everything, no matter what team throws it, in MSA Flag Football clash at Peden Stadium

The game of football is won and lost in the trenches, or so we're told. In the Chase for the O'Malley Cup, MSA students play flag football so there aren't many lineman, and blocking in any real form is technically illegal.

So for our purposes, the game of football is won and lost in the turnover battle. On Tuesday, September 15th at Peden Stadium, it wasn't much of a battle.

Co-Ed Game

A co-ed flag football game played according to official rules adds an extra layer of strategy. The difference between "open" plays – plays that can include anyone – and "closed" plays – plays that must involve a female player and a completed pass for positive yards – creates confusion that contributes to a game atmosphere that is something less than orderly.

The practical impact of the open/closed rule on O'Malley Cup Flag Football was that nobody could sustain an offensive drive. Pat Durant's deceptive lefty delivery couldn't do it for the Class of 2016 and Kyle Kashuck's ('17) laminated play sheet could do it for the Class of 2017.

But football is somewhat of a zero-sum game, so when the offense is struggling, that means the defense is thriving.

One defender in particular, put his stamp on the game. Josh Law ('17) played Free Safety and spent most of his evening catching every opposing pass that came within five yards of him. He would end the game with 5 INTs, which would have also ranked as the most receptions by any single player in the game.

After the 3 quarters of exhilarating 0–0 play, the scoreboard got its first work in the fourth quarter thanks to Shauna Happel ('17). After seeing Josh intercept the ball 5 times, she decided it couldn't be that hard so she did him one better and ran it back for a touchdown to put the Class of 2017 up 6-0.

With just over two minutes to play in the game. Matt Dewire ('16) inserted himself at quarterback for the first time, to conduct the two-minute offense. Under his spirited direction the team marched down the field and capped off the drive with a touchdown reception by Colleen Oberle ('16). After the point-after attempt came up short, the Co-ed game ended in a 6-6 tie.

Men's Game

The outcome of the night would ride on the final score of the Men's game. The Class of 2016 came out fast and confident. Matt Meier ('16) chewed up yardage on a series of short passes, and the initial drive ended with a beautiful bomb down the sideline from Drew Digby ('16) to Todd Moore ('16) for a touchdown.

The Class of 2017 seemed prime for an offensive breakout.

Instead, Josh Law reared his sticky hands for another interception and Terrence Thomas ('17) proved to be a savvy quarterback who marched his team to a pair of touchdowns in the first half. Terrence even had an interception fall into his lap on defense to end the first half.

The second half was abbreviated but conclusive. Thomas led another touchdown drive to start the half, and the Class of 2016 couldn't mount a meaningful comeback before the game was called due to darkness with the Class of 2017 leading 21-7.

Final Score:


O'Malley Cup Standings: Class of 2016 leads, 2 - 1

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