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OWIB Alumni Panel

Friday, April 19 2019 12:06pm

Barbara Allushuski's Five Tips to Success and More

Last month, OHIO Women in Business (OWIB) hosted their annual alumni panel, featuring keynote speaker Barbara Allushuski and breakout sessions with seven other OHIO alumni. Allushuski is the CEO of Blue Heron Talent, an executive coaching firm that specializes in C-suite level coaching, mediation services, and organizational development.

In her message, she shared the following five tips to succeed:

1.  Don’t just have a goal, have a vision.

Think about what direction you want to go, and have specific steps in place to get you there. It is not enough to simply have a goal, but you must execute and be adaptable to obtain the vision.

2.  Be self-aware.

Be open to addressing your internal issues. Asking for feedback is one of the greatest gifts.

3.  Develop executive presence.

Own the room. Be confident in yourself, and believe you are capable of anything.

4.  Do pre-meeting research.

Invest in relationships by knowing your constituents, doing your research, and being prepared.

5. Practice servant leadership.

When working in a team environment, always think about how you can be helpful in a situation, give recognition when it’s due, and be your most authentic self every day.

After this powerful message, participants were divided into groups (by major), each engaging with different alumni panelists. Topics varied among the breakout groups, but the common themes included how to ask meaningful interview questions, gaining respect at a young age, transitioning, networking, daily job responsibilities, and other advice for post-graduation success.

OWIB is built on the values of development and professionalism. The organization has an extensive network of alumni who embody those values. Events like the annual alumni panel allow alumnea the opportunity to give back to OWIB, the College of Business, and their fellow Bobcats.

Overall, OWIB members left the event feeling empowered and ready to take on new opportunities and they are already excited to start planning next year’s event.

OWIB would like to thank Barbara Allushuski and the below listed alumni for their valuable insight and guidance that will help shape many future careers.

● Amanda Browning - EY

● Hannah Christman - MediSync

● Jordan Endres - Rocky Brands

● Hannah Gilkey - People’s Bank

● Diana Kenney - Express

● Morgan Meade - JLL

● Megan Wittman - Deloitte