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Schey Sales Centre Round-Up

Monday, November 13 2017 12:00am

Catch up on the latest news from the Schey Sales Centre.

By Joel Shump

The Schey Sales Centre breaks its application record... again!

The Schey Sales Centre recently completed their annual application process receiving an astounding 515 applications, shattering their previous record of 376 applicants. Director of the Schey Sales Centre Adam Rapp credited the achievement to the hard-working students within the organization.

“To some extent we follow the sales process,” said Rapp. “We have a director of recruitment, but everyone worked together to make this a success.”

The Schey held 420 face-to-face interviews, and accepted a total of 129 students. The new group represents members across all classes and multiple colleges around the University.

20th Annual Schey Sales Symposium

The Schey hosted their 20th annual Schey Sales Symposium in October. Corporate partners, local professionals, faculty and students were invited to learn about coaching, communicating, and motivating in the workplace. The Sales Symposium opened the door to discussion about the evolving world of sales, exploring topics such as incentivizing sales teams, hiring and retaining the right talent, how companies can encourage innovation, and much more.

“It was fascinating to hear from such experienced sales professionals, and I loved being able to talk to current sales leaders about the challenges they face in the workplace today. It was definitely an experience I won’t soon forget,” said Cullen Cummings, OHIO One-Year MBA student.

Guests had the privilege of hearing from guest speakers such as OHIO’s very own Tim and Tammy Reynolds, who showed them how to inspire employees through purpose and trust. Jim Livingston, vice president of Talent Acquisition for Quicken Loans, who demonstrated how Quicken Loans is tackling the challenge of hiring and retaining employees. Members of the Schey Sales Centre also showcased their presentation skills by giving Ted Talks during the event.

Partner Networking Events

The Schey Sales Centre hosted several corporate partner networking events this fall. Qualtrics, a new Schey partner, hosted an information session to talk to current students about Qualtrics and the career opportunities it has to offer. Harris Products Group was also in Athens to host interviews for full-time and part-time job opportunities. Also, LinkedIn hosted an on-campus networking opportunity that enhanced member's professional development.

The Schey Sales Centre continues to grow and offers their members exclusive opportunities to enhance their skills. Learn more about the Schey Sales Centre.

Keep your eye out for their November networking, professional development, and philanthropy events.