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Sports Ad Diversity Series: Kenisha Webb, Just Marketing International

Tuesday, January 26 2016 12:44pm

Re-introducing an interview series conducted by the Ohio University Sports Administration Diversity Council with alumni. Concerning the topic of diversity in the program, industry, and the workplace.

Kenisha Webb JMI

Q & A by Becca Hemby '16

Kenisha Webb - MSA '15

Account Executive, Just Marketing International (JMI)


What is your current position and main responsibilities?

I am an Account Executive at Just Marketing International (JMI). We are a sports marketing agency that focuses on motorsports. I specifically work on the LiftMaster account for NASCAR and often help on the Subway and Eli Lilly accounts. My main focuses are hospitality and on-site activation.

Can you talk about how diversity impacts JMI and the work you do?

Diversity is so important in our field because you are looking for the best way to reach the most people, and always looking for the next big idea. We all have different mindsets and diversity allows for those mindsets to come together. It creates a sort of mixing pot of ideas. You also learn to interact and work with many different types of people, which helps you grow professionally. For instance, working with people of different management and communication styles.

Are there any particular instances when diversity had a direct impact on your company being able to do good work?

Just in general it helps you get different sides of how people perceive things, such as advertising. With different sports, such as NASCAR and the NBA, there are different fan demographics, so you have to think of how to reach them differently.

Does your company have any best practices when it comes to diversity?

We are an international company with our other main office in London, so our best practice is communication. With different languages, slang, and time zones, frequently working with our office in the UK has been eye opening. We are a growing company, too, so I think we are moving towards establishing specific programs geared towards creating more diversity within our company.

Being involved in Diversity Council during your time at Ohio, what do you hope to see from the program in the future in terms of diversity?

I hope we get to a point where it is a norm to have a very diverse class, and that the transition for diverse students is seamless. Along with that, I would like to see a more international presence, especially as our industry is becoming more and more global. Also, putting an emphasis on inclusion, not just diversity, is key.

Now that you have been in the workplace for almost a year, what is one of the most significant things you have learned?

I have learned that there is still so much to learn. When we come out of school it is easy to think you’ve learned so much and know a lot about your field, but there is always so much to learn and you really realize that when you start in your new role. The biggest thing is to be open to new experiences and consistently grow.

What advice would you give to the second year students that are in their last semester and the position you were in last year?

Enjoy it! You will never have the opportunity to be in this environment again, in college with your classmates and best friends. Don’t feel in a rush to leave or get a job as soon as possible. Wait for the right fit, working for the right person and with great people. Something great will come along! Don’t force it.

What is your favorite memory from your time in Athens?

Wow, that’s a really tough question. I think Halloween is definitely on there. And the North Carolina trip with Doc Higgins was amazing, and very rewarding. If I had to choose, those would be my top two.