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Chase for the O'Malley Cup Renewed at Rollerbowl Lanes

Wednesday, October 28 2015 12:02pm

They see us bowlin'

Rollerbowl Lanes is amongst the most revered recreational options in the Athens, Ohio community. It may not have the fanciest strike animations or the perfect selection of bowling balls, but what it lacks in amenities it makes up for with undeniable charm, and a unquestioned willingness to host annual O’Malley Cup bowling competitions.

This year bowling marked the fifth contest between the Classes of 2016 & 2017. Speculation on who would come out on top was rampant, as the value of Eric Mayer’s (’16) competitive bowling background was compared to the seeming inability of Josh Law (’17) to be bad at anything.

Games were decided based on the average score of all class members. The first class to win two games was to be declared the winner.

For the first game, the center of attention was squarely in the middle of the eight lanes of bowling action. Lane 4 featured Pat Durant, Drew Digby, & Todd Moore (’16) each racing out to 100+ pins in 6 frames, while Lane 5 saw Travis Misner (’16) take out all of life’s frustrations on his pins with high speed rolls that contributed to his first round score of 149.

Meanwhile, Josh Law continued his ubiquitous O’Malley Cup dominance with a first round score of 182. It wasn’t enough however, as the Class of 2016 finished with five bowlers with a score of over 140.


Round 1 Team Averages

Class of 2016: 113; Top Bowler: Todd Moore (163)

Class of 2017: 102.8; Top Bowler: Josh Law (182)


The second round made for a tighter competition.  Abby Vlastuin (’17) flashed impressive skills, following up her first round score of 142 with a score of 151, joining Law as the only members of the Class of 2017 to break 150 on the day.


Law, of course, continued to light up the analog TV screens with a nice and even second round score of 150.


Despite those efforts, the day was won when the aforementioned experience of Eric Mayer began to shine through.  He found his groove on the ol’ Rollerbowl Lane number 7 and spun his way to a round leading score of 168.


Other bowlers from the class of 2016 picked up on Mayer’s momentum, and thirteen finished with a score over 110 to help carry the second round.


Round 2 Team Averages

Class of 2016: 109.8; Top Bowler: Eric Mayer (168)

Class of 2017: 104.4; Top Bowler: Abby Vlastuin (151)


With both games decided in favor the second year class the final game was called off. The win gave the Class of 2016 a 4-1 advantage in the overall standings heading into Indoor Soccer on November 5th