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Spring 2021 Graduate Q&A: Christina Colella

Tuesday, May 25 2021 04:00pm

Christina Colella is grateful for the professors and the employees of the Career and Student Success Center who gave her advice and guidance that helped her navigate college courses, career events, and job opportunities.

What did you study at Ohio University? 

At Ohio University I studied Finance and Management & Strategic Leadership. I first chose Finance because I am detail oriented and an analytical thinker. I decided to add Management & Strategic Leadership as a second major because I was interested in leadership and learning how to make an impact on an organization.  

What organizations were you involved in? 

I was involved in multiple organizations on campus that offered me leadership experience and professional growth opportunities. These organizations included Ohio Women in Business, the Schey Sales Centre, and Pi Beta Phi sorority. I held a leadership position as the Vice President of Finance for Pi Beta Phi, and I would consider it one of the most pivotal professional experiences during my four years of college. I was able to learn so many life skills and would highly recommend getting as involved as you can in the organizations you join! 

Did you have any internships? Explain your internship experience(s). 

The summer after my sophomore year, I interned at Union Home Mortgage in Strongsville, Ohio. I loved the culture of their company, made great connections, and enjoyed learning about the mortgage industry. Last summer, I interned at Ameriprise Financial in Canton, Ohio. I was able to gain exposure to the financial services industry and valued the commitment of advisors in helping their clients reach their financial goals. Finally, this past school year I was an Employer Relations intern for the Career and Student Success Center at Ohio University. I enjoyed working closely with Chris Washko and contributing to the advancement of the College of Business’ relationship and event opportunities with incredible employers.  

What is your favorite memory from being a student in the College of Business? 

My favorite memory from being a student in the College of Business was completing the Integrated Business Cluster. Cluster introduced me to my love for the business world. I genuinely enjoyed the collaboration and relationship building aspect of working in teams. It was very rewarding to work hard and see the results firsthand when my team was chosen to present our marketing recommendations to a live client!  

What are you most grateful for about your time at OHIO or in the College of Business? 

I am most grateful for the professors and the employees of the Career and Student Success Center. The advice and guidance I received has helped me navigate my college courses, career events, and job opportunities. I could always count on them to mentor me as I prepared for job interviews and made major career decisions.  

Is there a particular course, organization, event, professor, etc. that really impacted you during your time here? 

One course that impacted me during my time here was the Basic Personal Finance course. This course was very useful to me as I become an independent adult. It strengthened my understanding of my current financial situation and the importance of saving for the future. I also learned a lot about the significance of credit scores, consumer debt, major purchase decision making, etc.  

What do you think was your greatest accomplishment as a college student? 

My greatest accomplishment as a college student was being offered my first full-time job. I remember the exact moment when I got the offer letter; I was so incredibly proud of myself. It felt so rewarding to see that my hard work and continuous efforts to learn and grow had paid off.  

What is your favorite thing about Athens? What will you miss the most? 

My favorite thing about Athens was the community. Everyone shared the same love for Athens and were proud to be Bobcats. I always felt so happy when I was there and could always count on the people around me to be my support system through any situation.  

What will you be doing after graduation? What are you most looking forward to about starting your career? 

After graduation, I will begin my career at the Goodyear Headquarters in Akron, Ohio. I will be working in the Finance and Accounting Development Program. I am most looking forward to applying the knowledge, experience, and skills that I have gained throughout my time at Ohio University. I am also eager to meet and learn from the many amazing professionals at this company.  

What is one skill or concept you developed in the College of Business that you will apply to your future job and beyond? 

One skill that I developed in the College of Business that I will apply to my future job would be networking. When I first began attending career fairs and speaking to professionals, networking seemed very intimidating. But I soon learned that there are many people out there who are willing to connect with and mentor young professionals. I have had so many great opportunities arise due to the power of networking, and I will surely continue making connections as I begin my career! 

If you could give current or future Ohio University students one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Use your college years to work on you. This is your time to find yourself and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. Look at every opportunity as a learning experience. Whether you succeed or fail, you can better understand yourself and take the next step in your life. Also, soak up every moment you have in Athens! The time goes by very quickly, so do not hesitate to take every chance to make amazing memories.