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Start 2016 off right: Take the advice of these College of Business professors

Thursday, January 7 2016 12:00am

#BusinessBobcat professors share words of wisdom about college, careers, and life

By Brianna Wilson

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you ever feel like you’re need help or are having an issue, work with your faculty; we’re glad to help.”

-Andy Fodor, associate professor and chair, finance

“Prepare and over prepare. If you know the question that’s going to be asked, you’re going to have the best answer. If you can ask somebody an interesting question, you’re going to add value to that job, internship, class, conversation, anything.”

-Colin Gabler, assistant professor, marketing

“Focus on your own self-awareness. Take time to complete assessments, to hear feedback, and to talk with peers about how they see you. Use that to find your own story and understand your purpose. Then seek out learning opportunities.”

-Tim Reynolds, executive-in-residence, management and executive director, Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership 

“Think of yourself as a brand. My former boss used to ask what one thing I could bring to the table that nobody else could; he called it an x factor. Know your x factor, and how to promote it.”

-Dan Dahlen, director, Consumer Research Center

“Change your expectations about what is possible, because if you expect that you can do things, you’ll act and do more. You’ll also attract more resources.”

-Chris Crawford, assistant professor, management 

“Start thinking about career management and building your resume when you walk in the door. Don’t make it a last minute thing.”

-Deanna House, assistant professor, management information systems

“Be inquisitive, ask questions, and learn as much as you can about different careers early on and throughout your career.”

-Tom Marchese, executive-in-residence, marketing, and associate director, College of Business Honors Program

“There are so many things to get involved with in the College of Business. Don’t over involve yourself, but get involved early and take on a role where you can make an impact.” 

-Tammy Reynolds, executive-in-residence, management 

“Prepare for class; it puts you in a much better mindset to learn during class.” 

-Adam Rapp, executive director, The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre, The Ralph and Luci Schey Associate Professor of Sales

“Focus on experiencing as much as possible. Try different classes, join student organizations, and meet new friends as often as you can.”

-Alexa Fox, assistant professor, marketing

“Make a conscious decision to push yourself, be adventurous, and take risks. If you fail now, it’s easier to come back from. We’ll help you back up.”

-Marco Habermann, assistant professor, management

“Start now. Study hard, set up your network, learn what it takes to manage a career and get a job. Start now picking your friends wisely, start now making smart decisions about how you live your life, and start now joining student organizations.”                  

-Connie Esmond-Kiger, associate professor, accountancy